PYRE FYRE – Announces Double Single

The New Jersey-based power trio are preparing to unleash their new offering “Rinky Dink City”/ “Slow Cookin'”. Initially forming over a love of lo-fi aesthetics, early 1980s hardcore, classic psychedelia, B movies, heavy metal, and outsider art, PYRE FYRE strive to experiment with each release.

The band comments:
On “Rinky Dink City”:
This song is about those little cities all over America. They might still have pay phones or arcade machines. Maybe not. Maybe the apartment won’t shut the heat off. Maybe you can’t find good takeout..”

On “Slow Cookin’:
“PYRE FYRE have historically eaten a lot of fast food, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a good old fashioned home cooked meal.”

Sludgy overdriven guitars drive the energetic rhythms across the tracks. With humorous lyrics and chaotic genre mixing, the new release from the whimsical bunch is jam-packed with intensity and horseplay. Recorded in Morristown, NJ at Heavy Air Studios, “Rinky Dink City”/ “Slow Cookin'” features amazing background vocals by AMBRIOSIA GAINOUS and a guitar solo by Dustin Bartee of ETHEREAL SEA.

Mike Montemarano on drums/vocals
Dan Kirwan on guitar
Andrew Stanish on bass


Source: C Squared Music

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