The Spooky Basement And A New Year Resolution

Above, is the spooky room that is part of the basement of my house. Aw, hell, the entire basement is eerie. I’ve made it one of my new year resolutions to finally clean out this abomination. Lord have mercy.

You see, I’ve never even stepped foot into this room; nor has any family member. My wife and I bought this 1902 house six years ago and this room and it’s god forsaken contents we’ve unfortunately inherited from what looks to be many previous owners. From what I gather, there appears to be just very old junk, dirt and stones within.

Below is a photo of the door closed to this hell pit. I promise to update how my progress develops from engaging and cleaning out the spooky room.

– Stone


5 Responses to “The Spooky Basement And A New Year Resolution”

  1. I’m thinking King Diamond’s “Abigail” album here. Maybe you will find a family ghost.

    • Hahaha! I didn’t think of that and it’s funny! I want to THANK YOU for being so incredibly supportive of me and Metal Odyssey. I don’t know what to say.

      I’ve done some soul searching over the last 48 hours and I’m gonna change this blog not for anyone else but myself. Look for diverse content and I’ll still post about Metal at times too. The times have changed and I need to realize that. Plus I yearn to go back to original writing cuz it’s therapy you know?

      You have been a big blogging influence to me and keep doing what you do! We can’t let shit like tik tok run us off. Let the sheep flock to the garbage and people in our blog community shall have the visitors with brains continue as our audience.

      • Like I wrote, I will keep going until I have gone through every relevant album, event and gig through 1989, After that, I’ll see what happens although I will probably cut down my output. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog and I will keep reading, even if it’s not about metal. We all need to stick together if we want to survive the Tik Tok craze.

  2. Paint the door brown and if would be the cover of The Elder!

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