Heavy Metal – album cover art that Rocks!

67849371Besides the METAL music itself, one really cool and important reason that drew me into buying so many albums/CD’s over the years, was the album artwork. To this day, It is still a METAL rush to see that the CD I want/need has great artwork on the front cover. In my opinion, it is a METAL bonus to have spooky, thrilling or cutting edge art to associate my favorite bands with. Again, I will attest that it is the METAL music that matters the most, I would still buy a new release from Amon Amarth even if the cover of the CD was a plain gray color. Here is a list of what I feel are some of the best METAL album/CD covers I have seen over the years. This list is in no particular order, plus there are hundreds, perhaps thousands more covers that are out there that are not on this list. Also, art appreciation is a matter of preference, what I feel is a cool or super spooky METAL album/CD cover may not appeal to you at all. Maybe this list will spark interest in having you look up some of these albums/CD’s if you have never seen some of them before. Here’s a sample:

* NAZARETH – “No Mean City”

* BLACK SABBATH – “Black Sabbath”

* IRON MAIDEN –  “Live After Death” – (all their covers, really)

* KING DIAMOND – “Abigail”


* MOTORHEAD – “Another Perfect Day”, “Bomber”

* DANZIG – “Thrall Demonsweat Live”

* QUEEN – “News of the World”

* AMON AMARTH – “Twilight of the Thundergod”

* DIO – “Master of the Moon”

* ICED EARTH – “The Horror Show”, “The Dark Saga”, (all their covers too)

* W.A.S.P. – “The Headless Children”

* GAMMARAY – “Land of the Free II”

* WARLOCK – “Triumph and Agony”

* HELLOWEEN – “Gambling With the Devil” & “Walls of Jericho”, “The Dark Ride”

* SLAYER – “Reign In Blood”

* MANOWAR – “Warriors of the World”

* ARMORED SAINT – “Raising Fear”

* LYNCH MOB – “Wicked Sensation”

* EXODUS – “Shovel Headed Kill Machine”, “Tempo of the Damned”

* MISFITS – “Earth A.D.”

* GORGEOUS FRANKENSTEIN – “Gorgeous Frankenstein”

Gorgeous Frankenstein





I could go on and on here, the main idea is that over the decades, Heavy Metal and all of the glorious METAL genres have had, hands down, the greatest album/CD artwork around. This is my opinion of course. It just seems to me, that METAL goes beyond the music at times, METAL art is well documented as a history, for these and untold amounts of other album/CD covers are proof of that. I am an old school Metalhead, I still and always will, appreciate the artistic skill, labor and thought process involved behind the artwork that graces these METAL albums/CDs and liner notes.

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