Heavy Metal in Heaven? I certainly hope so.

4276768I like to think of Heaven as my destination goal, once I leave this world of course. Yeah, it is cool for the Metal genres to write and sing about hell, hell’s kitchen, fires of hell, “Highway To Hell”, etc., etc., yet that is not where I want to be going. I often hope and wonder, will Heaven have everything that is “good” about our lives? Will heaven allow Heavy Metal? I would hope and pray that the late Jimi Hendrix is allowed to have his guitar and play up there in the clouds. I would not doubt for a second, that the angels and saints could not enjoy the late Joey Ramone’s singing. Music as a whole, has made planet Earth more enjoyable, music has definitely made my life more fun and inspiring, I am comfortable thinking I speak for millions of people.

Essentially, I believe in Heaven, therefore I believe there is all music represented up there since the beginning of time itself. From primitive to modern day, I have to believe the history of music is heard in Heaven. Well, it is always a hoot to imagine what kind of Metal bands have formed up in Heaven, with so many Rock legends hopefully being up there. I wonder if the late Buddy Holly is jamming out with the late Stevie Ray Vaughn? Is the late Jim Morrison leading a band or embarking on a career in poetry amongst the clouds and rainbows?

Here is a Heavy Metal band that could have possibly formed up in Rock & Roll Heaven. (I am sure there can be hundreds of different bands put together with this topic, this is just one band lineup that looks really cool).

Kevin DuBrow – lead vocals – (Quiet Riot)

Randy Rhoads – lead guitar – (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne)

Steve Clark – lead guitar too! – (Def Leppard)

Eric Carr – drums & percussion – (Kiss)

Cliff Burton – bass guitar – (Metallica)

Now, would this be a great band to see or what? I certainly think this band would be a kick! I also hope, that up there in Heaven, the battle of the Metal genres comes to a screeching halt. That is why I have the late Cliff Burton playing bass guitar with a bunch of Hair Metal legends. Wait a second, the late Randy Rhoads was not a Hair Metal guy, he was just plain amazing. The late Kevin DuBrow with Quiet Riot hold the honor and distinction of being the very first Heavy Metal album to hit #1 on the album charts. This achievement surely paved the way for Heavy Metal storming into the mainstream. I sure miss each and every one of these guys, the music they created will last here on Earth forever – or until that big unknown space rock collides with Earth and we are all evaporated within a zillionth of a micro second. That is why it is so essential to believe that all music, especially all the Metal genres are up there in Heaven waiting for all of us Metalheads – who believe.

One Response to “Heavy Metal in Heaven? I certainly hope so.”

  1. only if Jimi Hendrix was lead guitar and lead singer.

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