Dream Theater is Progressive perfection.

17102877Alas, I found a moment to just kick back, chill out and listen to a Metal CD that caught my eye. This Metal CD was filed in my collection, just waiting for it’s turn to be enjoyed by my hungry ears. Oh, the CD I am talking about? Dream Theater – “Systematic Chaos”. Try hard as I may, it is impossible for me to hear any chaos on this Dream Theater release, none. Instead, what I do hear, is what I will call Progressive perfection. Seriously, for me, the Progressive Metal music of Dream Theater is so accurate, structured, and created on the premise of musical integrity and musical knowledge. Honestly, I am schooled each and every time I give Dream Theater a listen. The musical dynamics that are occurring throughout “Systematic Chaos” makes me realize it may take quite a few more listens before I feel I have heard every key, lyric and note that mystically saturates this incredible album.

In true Progressive Metal form, the songs are long, gloriously long. What better way to be taken away on a Metal mind journey, than to tune into Dream Theater? When I listen to this band, of course I hear influences of legend. In my opinion, I hear greats such as Yes, Rush and early Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force. The Progressive Metal trip with Dream Theater is so musically expansive, I actually hear Megadeth influences, yes, Megadeth. There are times when the vocals of James LaBrie and guitar leads of John Petrucci spark together with shades of  Dave Mustaine’s Megadeth. This is an honest compliment from me to both of these Metal bands. If you are already into Dream Theater and can agree entirely with me or just partially, I give you a huge Metal bravo! If you are totally unfamiliar with Dream Theater, well, do yourself one of the biggest Metal favors of your life – buy anything from this Progressive Metal giant! The new Dream Theater album will be released on June 23rd, 2009. Yes, I think I will definitely be looking to buy it. I will listen carefully to the new material on “Black Clouds & Silver Linings” and jump onto the outstanding Progressive Metal ship called Dream Theater!

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