Angel – Heavy Metal roots from 1978

1208213In case you are unfamiliar with Angel, (one of the original Glam Rock/Glam Metal bands from the late 1970’s), here are some semi-quick facts that may stir up some interest:

Angel – original band lineup: Frank Dimino – lead vocals, Punky Meadows – lead guitar, Mickie Jones – bass, Gregg Giuffria – keyboards and Barry Brandt on drums.

* Gene Simmons (from Kiss of course), discovered Angel, while Angel was performing in a nightclub. Angel would eventually sign onto Casablanca Records, the record label that Kiss belonged to.

* “White Hot” was released in 1978 and is the 4th album by Angel, featuring their only true Billboard Hot 100 hit – “Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”. This particular hit peaked at #44 on the Billboard Hot 100 for Angel in 1978.

* If my Metal memory serves me correctly, “The Winter Song”, which is also found on the Angel album “White Hot”, received a fair amount of FM radio airplay back in 1978-79. (Do not laugh at this, however, I do remember listening to “The Winter Song” 45 rpm over and over and over again, with my sister, back in 1978) – (Alright, go ahead and laugh now).

* I really recommend Angel – “White Hot”, I just received a copy this past winter as a gift and I do not regret it. Yes, overall, the sound and feel of “White Hot” is definitive late ’70’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Still, the songs are all very catchy and melodic, they are rock solid and will give you a fabulous insight as to how Metal was evolving back in 1978. I find Angel “White Hot” to be still relevant, for this cool album was yet another building block on the evolution and history of Metal.

* I always like to stay true to the Metal roots. Angel is a band that exemplifies early Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, in essence, they are Metal roots.


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  1. HELL YES!!!! ANGEL!!!! Your blog gets better and better.

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