Papa Roach “Metamorphosis” – leave your stress behind!

9231226What Papa Roach has created with “Metamorphosis” is a Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal good time. My favorite tune, (like many fans I’m sure), is “Lifeline”. An inspirational hard rocking song that is a can’t miss if you are looking for an uplifting moment in Metal. This song pretty much says it all, about the emotions and tribulations that many people are going through in our society at this moment. “Days of War” is a cool and heavy intro – the perfect start for any Heavy Metal album, a strong prelude to get your adrenaline cooking. “Change or Die” is the lead song, very heavy with strong & aggressive  vocals and a pumped up tempo. Every song on “Metamorphosis” is a winner for me, a straight up – melodic ride. This album is an essential listen for leaving your troubles behind you, just move forward with Papa Roach!

Papa Roach the band and “Metamorphosis” the album is not dated! The musical totality of this album is as sincere as it is catchy. Bands do progress, try different styles musically and Papa Roach has proven to me, that they are one of the very finest at broadening the heavy scope, making Hard Rock and Heavy Metal diversity very, very, cool and appreciable. “Metamorphosis” is a must listen for all Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans alike, Papa Roach has made this possible by bridging the gap.

Papa Roach is: Jacoby Shaddix on vocals, Jerry Horton on guitars and backing vocals, Tobin Esperance on bass guitars, programming and backing vocals and Tony Palermo on drums, percussion and backing vocals.

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