Cannibal Corpse – no bones about it, they deliver the real Death Metal

4513716If there is one band that I can identify the entire Death Metal genre with, it is Cannibal Corpse. Why do I adore Death Metal? I easily embrace the straight up approach and punishing sound that comes from this music. I really do not care in the least if I cannot make out the lyrics coming from lead vocalist George Fisher. Are the vocals still important? Of course, the cookie monster vocals are the trademark identity of what Death Metal is supposed to sound like! Therefore, if I was to choose my favorite Death Metal band, it is Cannibal Corpse. (Arch Enemy comes in a very, very, close second). Cannibal Corpse and the entire Death Metal genre will probably never receive mainstream media acclaim – who cares. Any Death Metal band could never expect any gratitude from anyone except their fans. That is what makes all Metal so special.

I always grin and basically laugh, when I read articles both past and present, in regards to how the album cover artwork and lyrics offend whoever. My, how different gore and horror is perceived by some, especially when it is delivered musically from a Death Metal icon like Cannibal Corpse! In my rational and educated mind, I perceive gore and horror the same, whether it is portrayed through Death Metal or film, like a Steven King novel or movie, the same for Clive Barker, John Carpenter and Rob Zombie as well. Wes Craven was never one to water down his brand of gore and horror through film. Actually, the single worst and most gruesome way to view and/or listen to gore and horror is to watch the nightly news or 24 hour news networks – choose your evil. At least  with Cannibal Corpse, you know what you are buying when their respective album/CD is in your hands, it is fair warning. The news networks, well, they never give you warning anymore when they show dead bodies, body parts or extreme accidents. (They used to, yet it is no longer cool to warn us viewers. Instead they rather have children sitting at home in front of the television be traumatized for an extended period of time. There is no way on Earth to filter out the gore and horror on the network news). Do the people who are offended by Cannibal Corpse and Death Metal in general get just as annoyed by the news networks? Are you kidding! NO. How about Hollywood Horror films? NO again! Actors, writers, film directors and news networks seem to always get the free pass. We live in a society of constant double standards – what is o.k. for Hollywood horror and slasher movies is not o.k. for Cannibal Corpse or any Death Metal band out there. Yet, once a new Cannibal Corpse album comes out, watch out! Cannibal Corpse gets the self righteous fists shaken at them again!

So, I will continue to listen to Cannibal Corpse for as long as I have ears that work. Rob Barrett and Pat O’Brien on guitars, Alex Webster on bass, Paul Mazurkiewicz on drums and George Fisher on vocals are as talented as they come with musicianship, they only deliver their musical skills one way – real Death Metal. Their unrelenting power-charge of forceful and angry Metal, always uncompromising, encompassed by abhorrent lyrics of gore, horror, shock and all extremes known, will forever entertain me to my Metal hearts delight!!


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