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OBITUARY – “Darkest Day” brings the darkest and heaviest Death Metal

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Obituary "Darkest Day" album banner 2009



Obituary "Darkest Day" small cover picAlright, I am more than thrilled at this new Obituary album, “Darkest Day”, I am enthralled with Metal jubilation. Death Metal jubilation. I am also reminded as to why I am lured into the heaviest, most Metal bludgeoning genre there is… it is Obituary. These guys are not about making nice with the trend setters… forget about it. Obituary is Old School Death Metal lathered with extreme. Understand, however, that Obituary delivers grooves by the Death Metal bushels. From it’s deadly beginning track – “List of Dead” to it’s deadly ending “Left To Die”, I am going out on a Metal limb here by stating… “Darkest Day” is one of 2009’s best Metal albums period. Being one of the true forefathers of the Death Metal genre, Obituary lays their Death Metal cards out on the table here, you either are with them or with them. This is not a Death Metal band that you just want to try out, if you buy an Obituary album, you are either a fan or your about to become one. 

“Outside My Head” is like a Death Metal march to take over the Metal Universe, Donald Tardy on drums is as decidedly relentless as a yellow jacket wasp, stinging it’s prey. “Your Darkest Day” has it’s vintage nod to Doom with riffs that will either scare the hell out of you or make you beg for more… I beg for more, please. Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath should feel so proud, that a Death Metal band of the caliber like Obituary, can incorporate the early Metal years – feel and vibe to their music… without straying away from the Death Metal manuscript of today. Obviously, this is my Metal opinion, what one Metalhead hears within “Darkest Day” can severely differ from another. “See Me Now” is extremely heavy – underscored, my choice pick as favorite track. John Tardy on vocals only enhances the seething heaviness of “See Me Now”. For that matter, John Tardy just flat out enhances this entire album with his vintage and aggressive vocals, this is all about vocal confidence and not being over the top.

By the time I hear “Truth Be Told”, it feels like “Darkest Day” has only lasted five minutes… it is that unreal good. Ordinarily, with an average Death Metal up and coming band, “Truth Be Told” would be their greatest song – with Obituary, every song here can be considered as great. What can be said about Trevor Peres and Ralph Santolla on guitars? They are damn good, no, damn unreal good. Lest not forget Frank Watkins on bass, he keeps the Death Metal rhythm moving at a fiery pace, giving me every reason to suffer from whiplash. Cool. Acknowledgment of Metal greatness is priority number one whenever I discuss the Metal genres with anyone or post on Metal Odyssey. My Metal goal is to get the word out about unreal heavy bands and/or albums… the word on “Darkest Day” is this – real, extreme and forged with Death Metal integrity. “Darkest Day”… Metal ownership of this album is a must, (what am I thinking), it is required. Obituary… Death Metal legends.

Obituary "Darkest Day" large album pic

DAATH – “The Concealers” is a full blown Metal onslaught!

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9266625I still have my ability to hear, thank goodness, especially after I listened to the new release from the Death Metellars from Atlanta, Georgia, – DAATH. This is my kind of Metal cup of tea – a full blown onslaught of Death Metal, that rages through all eleven new songs like an out of control meteor, ready to strike the desolate and cold planet Mars. The new lead singer for DAATH is Sean Z., one listen to “The Concealers” and I am very convinced that he is up to the task to be a standout Death Metal front man. Sean Z. on vocals just seems to engulf the attitude and strength of the lyrics, belting out with the desire and hunger that the entire Metal world should find captivating.

Overall, this entire new album from DAATH is of course, Death Metal, yet they incorporate an underlying mood of progressiveness, with melancholy echoes and synthetic eerie sounds – creating an atmosphere that is as dark as it is melodious. On “The Unbinding Truth” and “… Of Poisoned Sorrows” both tunes end in an abrupt and distorted manner, with the music skipping – the sounds of crackling, (like an old vinyl record being played), can be heard. (Upon my first listen, I thought I had a defect in my CD). This breakaway from the norm works fine for me, it only adds to the dark tone of what is being conveyed by DAATH.  

Emil Werstler and Eyal Levi on guitars are reaching out to new heights with their skills on this album – they play very heavy and very fast, yet the breakdowns and leads are tastefully done for a Death Metal album. Jeremy Creamer on bass and Kevin Talley on drums pound out the rhythm section with pure force and defiance, that catapults this album into the real-deal realm of Death Metal. My copy of “The Concealers” I purchased directly through Century Media (my favorite record company on planet Earth), it came with an extra copy of the liner notes – authentically autographed by each member of DAATH!! Obviously, I am content with “The Concealers” – this is an album I highly recommend to all Metal and Death Metal fans. DAATH, in my Metal opinion, is a Death Metal force to reckon with and when their tunes are on – I am all ears.

Cannibal Corpse – no bones about it, they deliver the real Death Metal

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4513716If there is one band that I can identify the entire Death Metal genre with, it is Cannibal Corpse. Why do I adore Death Metal? I easily embrace the straight up approach and punishing sound that comes from this music. I really do not care in the least if I cannot make out the lyrics coming from lead vocalist George Fisher. Are the vocals still important? Of course, the cookie monster vocals are the trademark identity of what Death Metal is supposed to sound like! Therefore, if I was to choose my favorite Death Metal band, it is Cannibal Corpse. (Arch Enemy comes in a very, very, close second). Cannibal Corpse and the entire Death Metal genre will probably never receive mainstream media acclaim – who cares. Any Death Metal band could never expect any gratitude from anyone except their fans. That is what makes all Metal so special.

I always grin and basically laugh, when I read articles both past and present, in regards to how the album cover artwork and lyrics offend whoever. My, how different gore and horror is perceived by some, especially when it is delivered musically from a Death Metal icon like Cannibal Corpse! In my rational and educated mind, I perceive gore and horror the same, whether it is portrayed through Death Metal or film, like a Steven King novel or movie, the same for Clive Barker, John Carpenter and Rob Zombie as well. Wes Craven was never one to water down his brand of gore and horror through film. Actually, the single worst and most gruesome way to view and/or listen to gore and horror is to watch the nightly news or 24 hour news networks – choose your evil. At least  with Cannibal Corpse, you know what you are buying when their respective album/CD is in your hands, it is fair warning. The news networks, well, they never give you warning anymore when they show dead bodies, body parts or extreme accidents. (They used to, yet it is no longer cool to warn us viewers. Instead they rather have children sitting at home in front of the television be traumatized for an extended period of time. There is no way on Earth to filter out the gore and horror on the network news). Do the people who are offended by Cannibal Corpse and Death Metal in general get just as annoyed by the news networks? Are you kidding! NO. How about Hollywood Horror films? NO again! Actors, writers, film directors and news networks seem to always get the free pass. We live in a society of constant double standards – what is o.k. for Hollywood horror and slasher movies is not o.k. for Cannibal Corpse or any Death Metal band out there. Yet, once a new Cannibal Corpse album comes out, watch out! Cannibal Corpse gets the self righteous fists shaken at them again!

So, I will continue to listen to Cannibal Corpse for as long as I have ears that work. Rob Barrett and Pat O’Brien on guitars, Alex Webster on bass, Paul Mazurkiewicz on drums and George Fisher on vocals are as talented as they come with musicianship, they only deliver their musical skills one way – real Death Metal. Their unrelenting power-charge of forceful and angry Metal, always uncompromising, encompassed by abhorrent lyrics of gore, horror, shock and all extremes known, will forever entertain me to my Metal hearts delight!!


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