Still waiting patiently for the new Heaven & Hell

92776863In my last blog, in regards to the new release from Heaven & Hell, “The Devil You Know,” I mentioned I was hoping my CD/DVD version would arrive on the 28th of April, via U.S. mail. Well, gosh, golly, I received a confirmation of shipment email from Best Buy online – it informed me they (at Best Buy), shipped my CD/DVD out on April 27th. Shucks. I am not faulting Best Buy here at all, yet, when I pre-ordered the new Slipknot CD – “All Hope Is Gone” last Summer of 2008, it arrived in my mailbox right smack dab on the release date!! Go figure. I am a patient Metalhead. Always have been, always will be. Great Metal things come to those Metalheads who wait. 

Since I am on the topic of the legendary Heaven & Hell, let’s face it, Tony Iommi is the super king of Heavy Metal riffs. Stoner riffs, Doom Metal riffs, whatever you want to call it, the Metal masses have followed Tony Iommi’s formula of riff excellence for four decades now. Geezer Butler has his very own signature sound coming out of his bass, just like his partner in Metal, (Tony Iommi), Geezer brings the heavy doom and boom to his playing. Man, I cannot wait to hear the incredible Ronnie James Dio belting out the vocals on these brand new Metal tunes! My favorite Black Sabbath album of all-time is without question, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, in my opinion it really signified the status, of the Heavy Metal sound that this band was about. I am just so smitten, that these four guys are together again – releasing “The Devil You Know” and embarking on another world tour, even after touring last year. The truest spirit of Heavy Metal illuminates from Heaven & Hell, both from their music and lyrics. What an undeniable legacy, in my Metal opinion! Transcending the Metal music they are so talented for creating, Heaven & Hell exemplify that longevity does coexist with quality.

2 Responses to “Still waiting patiently for the new Heaven & Hell”

  1. I’ve listened to it about 10 times since last week. Iommi and Geezer sound great although I was hoping for a little more Geezer. I despise Appice’s playing and always have so I will make no further comment on that. For as much as I love Ronnie James Dio’s voice, I am let down on this album. Yes, I realize that he’s almost 70 but I think his pipes are still good enough to not have as many enhancements as were placed on it. Way too much in my opinion. In some spots on the album it just sounds too fake. Digitizers and harmonizers. Yuck!

    But overall, it’s a decent album. Dehumanizer is better. Too many slow and plodders for me on this.

  2. metalodyssey Says:

    You make valid points. I am a sucker for this band, too many cool memories of seeing them live and listening to their music in years past. (Well, heck, the 1980’s). That is why I am jumping with glee for the realization that they are STILL around. I live by the credo – do not take anything for granted, therefore, I cannot even take DIO, Heaven & Hell for granted either. Thanks for your input – Metal IS the law.

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