A concert or festival that exhibits a diverse lineup of bands and/or solo musicians is always going to make some noise. The 1996 Lollapalooza concert, held on July 23, 1996, at the Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana takes the Metal prize here for diversity! Just take a look at the concert poster below, listing some of the acts that took to the stages of Lollapalooza in ’96: METALLICA, SOUNDGARDEN, WAYLON JENNINGS, RAMONES, RANCID and SCREAMING TREES. I revere the Ramones, listen to Rancid on a regular basis and could never be more proud of it… Tim Armstrong just amazes me with his song writing, vocals and musical multi-talents. Soundgarden I took a liking to from the start, definitely my favorite Grunge Band ever… Black Hole Sun… ’nuff said. Screaming Trees, (quiet pioneers of the Grunge style in their own right), I will give an open ear to from time to time still. Waylon Jennings, a country legend… he passed away too damn young at age 64, back in 2002. Metallica, a core band of mine. Thrash Metal giants, icons, regardless if Load from ’96, ReLoad from ’97 and St. Anger from 2003 were not up to my Metallica standards. (Hey, any Metalhead or fan of any music genre has their unique personal standards). I never gave up on Metallica… Death Magnetic proves Metallica never gave up on their fans either.

Looking back on this Lallapalooza concert in ’96 is Heavy Metal history. No, not everyone on the bill was/is Heavy Metal, nonetheless… this event was Heavy Metal history. The same can be said that Lallapalooza ’96 was Punk Rock history too. Country and Grunge history at that. If I had attended this Lallapalooza Concert back then, I have a funny feeling, I would have had a tremendous time. Musical diversity was found at this concert and that is not a bad thing at all… in my Metal opinion. (Throw in the fact that Lollapalooza did not have any televised talent show contestants/winners on stage… and you have instant credibility).

This is a very plain and unexciting looking concert poster. Still, these posters were hung up on telephone poles, handed off to passers-by and maybe hung inside convenience store windows as well? I cringe at the thought of just how many of these historical posters were ripped down, torn up and thrown away, once this concert came to pass. The bottom Metal line is that this poster represents a moment in time, a moment in Rock history, Heavy Metal history.


  1. I seen this Lollapalooza, The crowd was booing Waylon and Hetfield came out and said “Hey Fuckers!!!! Show this man some respect!”

    Then Waylon went into The Duke Of Hazzard theme song and the crowd went ape-shit lol

    • I remember this as well! 16 years old, first concert I ever attended!

      • It was at the UNO Lakefront Arena in 1996, not at the Ted Gormley stadium. I was there…it rocked except for Metallica playing their shitty Loaded album. However, they did play a few of their hits.

        • Thank you for clarifying the correct venue! I (boldly) went with the info on the concert flyer and those things can’t always be trusted. It’s very cool you were at this concert.

          I 90% agree with you about Metallica’s ‘Load’ album too; only I dig one song from ‘Load’: ‘Hero Of The Day’. I dunno, just happened that way. LOL! You ROCK! \m/\m/

    • Kyle Arvin Says:

      I was there too. It was at Deer Creek in Indianapolis. Was pretty awesome when that happened but Waylon deserved respect the whole time.

  2. It was at the UNO Lakefront Arena. I was there.

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