BRET MICHAELS – Bret Michaels did not leave us… thank you God and all the Rock ‘N’ Roll angels for that. Now, Bret Michaels has his brand new solo album Custom Built out, released on July 6, 2010, on Poor Boy Records Inc. and it is built on Rock ‘N’ Roll diversity. Anyone expecting a full-throttle Hard Rock album should prepare for a little bit o’ Country, a little bit o’ Club Mix and some acoustic music from Bret Michaels on Custom Built. Not to worry though… there are a couple of decent Hard Rock moments on this new Bret Michaels album too. Just because Bret Michaels wants to exhibit his fondness for some other music genres shouldn’t make this Custom Built album any less desirable for fans of Bret, Poison and good ol’ Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Am I thrilled by the Club Mix of Go That Far”? (Club Mix by Jason Miller of Godhead). Nope. Not a chance. It’s not my cup o’ Rockin’ tea. With that said, it grooves enough for someone to dance to, wiggle to, or whatever to. At this point in Bret Michaels life, I feel he can basically do whatever he damn well feels like with his music anyways. You only live once. Plus, there are probably gonna be hordes of fans that will dig “Go That Far”. Just because I don’t dig it, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Open Road is a Country Rock song to relish however. Bret Michaels can really sing Country. He sings Country like it’s his second nature and I’m buying into it. Open Road” has some classic Country lyrics to go along with it too… it’s upbeat in both it’s music and lyrics. Rock’n My Country” is… you guessed it. Country! Hey, if I am to see Bret Michaels live someday and he sings this song, I’m gonna be doin’ my sneaker kickin’ (or is that boot kickin’?) stomp with one hand held high. My other hand shall have a cold one in it. Maybe two cold ones. A fun Country Rock song is “Rock’n My Country”.

“Nothing To Lose (Bret Only Demo)” is an acoustic gem. What a cool and mellow listen this song is. Lyrically moving and yes, inspirational. Is it a kleenex song? Maybe… only I’m too damn tough for that. Excuse me please… while I blow my nose and wipe my eyes now. Yes, yes, yes… the duet version of “Nothing To Lose” with Miley Cyrus is on this album too. Hey, it’s a good song and that’s what writing and playing good music is all about. Plus, Miley Cyrus has come of age in doing this song with Brett Michaels… in my Metal opinion. No, no, no… my eyes are not welling up. Stop it… and leave me alone. Gee whiz. Someone pass me a damn beer. Um, please.

I’d Die For You is a raw and downright non-commercial song that Rocks. It’s the last song on Custom Built and ends this album on a pretty Hard Rockin’ note. Plus, Bret Michaels sounds pretty bad ass singing this song too. Riding Against The Wind is the album opener and it falls somewhere between Hard Rock and Hard Rock Country. It’s a song that lyrically flirts with some patriotism and flourishes with undeniable emotion and reflection. Yes, this song I would raise the horns in the air to with Rockin’ glee.

Lie To Me is the bona fide Hard Rock song on “Custom Built”. Hell yeah… this song is a heavy hitter. Bret Michaels made the right move in adding this song to the mix… plus a psyche-you-out mini guitar solo doesn’t hurt “Lie To Me” either. Wasted Time” is a Hard Rock song that wastes no time in grabbing my attention. This Rocker leans more towards being a tough Power Ballad, as it sounds semi-raw with Bret Michaels adding a sandpapered tone to his vocals, to enhance it’s overall heavy appeal.

My recommendation is buy “Custom Built”, listen to the songs on it and celebrate a musician who loves music. This is an album of songs, regardless if I don’t happen to like any Club Mix or not, it’s a song too… a song for someone else. Bret Michaels isn’t going anywhere anytime soon… there is just too much Rock ‘N’ Roll, Hard Rock and Country in his veins and “Custom Built” proves it.

Track Listing For Bret Michaels – Custom Built:

Riding Against The Wind

Lie To Me

Nothing To Lose (Featuring Miley Cyrus)

Wasted Time

What I Got

Every Rose (Country version featuring Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, Chris Cagle, Mark Wills)

Go That Far (Club Mix by Jason Miller of Godhead)

Driven (Rock Mix)

Open Road

Rock’n My Country

Nothing To Lose (Bret only demo)

I’d Die For You

Long Live Bret Michaels! Only… the Club Mix has to go.



  1. Not a fan.

    I always thought his singing was average at best.

    *I am not sure where they would have landed without their looks and image back in the day….probably back in PA.!

    I’ll take Cheap Trick for $200.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s all good… we can’t each like every band equally or at all. “Different Rockin’ strokes for different Rockin’ folks”. Wow… that was semi-corn dog.

      Bret Michaels has that Rock ‘N’ Roll spirit… at least IMO. Yes, being a native of PA holds well with me too. It’s just… well, when I first saw Poison “Live” it dawned on me… Poison played LOUD and really DID play their instruments after all! πŸ˜‰

      Plus, NO lip syncing happening either! After that live concert I was SOLD. Poison was really, after all, a REAL band! They sounded better live than on vinyl that night. I guess I can be convicted as a Poison fan from the ’80’s. Besides, Bret Michaels can sing better than ME… and Milli Vanilli too. πŸ™‚

      Stone PA Rock ‘N’ Rollaholic

  2. His last solo album was one of the worst albums I heard in the year it came out. That was 2008 I think.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I understand if not everyone likes Bret Michaels’s music. This guy and his songs are just one of those “detours” I take in Rock ‘N’ Roll.

      I’ll say this much though… you won’t see me taking a “detour” with Pat Boone covering any Heavy Metal songs. His “In A Metal Mood/No More Mr. Nice Guy” album will never reach my Metal lovin’ ears.

      Sorry, Pat Boone. πŸ™‚

  3. Bret’s solo stuff has never impressed me. I can’t believe this is the second album in a row that is basically a compilation. He really had a good chance to stand out this time and make a bit of an impact.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I’ll readily admit, that an all-out Hard Rock album would have been the peach. It’s not a blockbuster album… just songs that are, yes… different from the Hard Rock norm. The Club Mix is just too much for me though.

  4. I am a Poison fan and I even enjoy solo albums from band members but Bret Michaels solo albums IMO try to be all things to all people, if he would stick to his strengths as a pop metal vocalist/songwriter I think this album would be more solid.

    I will give him props for trying something different and I understand his stance, the whole point of a solo album is do something different then Poison, if that is the case then album is an artistic triumph, but not my cup of tea.

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