DIO “At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987” Releases November 9, 2010!

DIO – The late, ultra great and infinitely legendary Ronnie James Dio will be celebrated once again, on DIO – At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987. This double live CD, power packed with 25 songs, will be released on November 9th, 2010. This extremely cool DIO double CD will be released on Niji Entertainment Group.

By looking at the track listing, (see below), there is an excellent mix of DIO, Rainbow and Black Sabbath songs on this double live CD! I can no longer pick my favorite band that Ronnie James Dio had fronted… I love each one to the fullest. Each band that Ronnie sang for had their unique style, sound and character… that can never be duplicated. Yes, this DIO release I will be purchasing without a hiccup of uncertainty. Metal be thy name.

* 1983 = DIO – Holy Diver Tour and 1987 = DIO – Dream Evil Tour.

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Track Listing For DIO – At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987:

Disc 1 (1983):

Stand Up And Shout

Straight Through The Heart

Children Of The Sea

Rainbow In The Dark

Holy Diver

Drum Solo


Guitar Solo

Heaven And Hell

Man On The Silver Mountain


Man On The Silver Mountain (Reprise)

Disc 2 (1987):

Dream Evil

Neon Knights

Naked In The Rain

Rock And Roll Children

Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Last In Line

Children Of The Sea

Holy Diver

Heaven And Hell

Man On The Silver Mountain

All The Fools Sailed Away

The Last In Line (Reprise)

Rainbow In The Dark




14 Responses to “DIO “At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987” Releases November 9, 2010!”

  1. I can’t wait for this to come out. Say do you watch That Metal Show?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I know this may sound bizarre… only I never watched “That Metal Show” ever. I hear they have some super guests too… maybe I’ll catch an episode one of these weeks. Maybe it’s just due to the fact, I get my Metal news from so many other Metal sources.

      • It is not all news, it is a really cool show and they hav a ton of guests like Rob Halford, Dave Mustaine, George Lynch and Don Dokken (on the same set), etc. They also ahve a lot of trivia and some cool discussions. It is aired on VH1classic and on vh1 classics website are full length episodes if you want to get a taste of the show. They had a whole hour tribute to Dio a week or so ago which was pretty cool.

        • metalodyssey Says:

          Eddie Trunk is for certain “the source” of Hard Rock and Metal… I have visited his website in the past. When it comes to television, I’m tuning into the History Channel or looking for ghost, paranormal or monster shows.

          I’ve had others tell me to watch “That Metal Show” as well… I guess it’s time for me to “get with the Metal program”!! 😉

  2. The DIO sets look amazing! I cannot wait.

    I sure would like to “see” this on video too. Maybe they did not film it and or it’s not “acceptable” for broadcast quality. I know they (Wendy and Ronnie) were working on this in the past year or two and I read somewhere that Ronnie was happy with the audio mix and participated throughout the mixing process.

    Otherwise, the Metal Show is def. “hit or miss”. Some good guests and some wankers. Most of the humor is not funny and his two partners in crime are just along for the ride.

    Eddie does know a lot -but I think ANYONE who DJ’s or has a radio show and gets thousands of promo releases over the years, the same amount of press releases and conducts hundreds of interviews – would tend to know a “lot” about METAL – esp. if you were already a rabid METAL fan to begin with.

    So for example, on one of that last “Stump the Trunk” questions (a little show segment where they try to come up with “hard” questions to try to “stump” him), someone asked: Can you name all the VAN HALEN albums in order, and they were all so stunned that he did it.

    What VAN HALEN fan could not do that? I sat right there and name all of em’ right with him and I quit listening to VAN HALEN after 5150!!

    That’s just my $0.02.

    But I know you, and the show is good sometimes (but what other METAL shows are on?) but mostly just “so-so”….so don’t believe the hype!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I’m glad you gave your 2 cents about “That Metal Show” Kinger. I’ve never been “drawn” to watch it, based on what I stated above to RattRocker… I get my Metal news from a wide variety of Metal sources. The world wide web gives you any and everything 24/7! Plus, I’m really into reading interviews and other blogs that cover Hard Rock and Metal. Not to mention we can watch any and all music videos and concerts on youtube, (for example).

      You are right too, Kinger, about there not being any other Metal show on television. Where’s the competition? I guess there really isn’t on “good old fashioned” television. I agree again, Kinger, that if your being paid a “hefty” salary and are given Metal “perks” for being a DJ and Metal show host… you “best” know your Metal trivia. Metal be thy name.

      That Van Halen question is like asking to name all the Motley Crue albums in order too. A real “tough” one would have been to name all the past and present members of Overkill, in a timeline order… including which albums they appeared on!!


      • That Van Halen question is a piece of cake, Ican also name singles in order from them. I sit there wondering how some of these stump the trunk questions are even supposed to be hard, now what about something like who was a singer of Van Halen for only a week (that would be Mitch Malloy). I don’t watch it that much, I just watch mostly for the guests and stump the trunk (it is almost like watching Jeopardy most most of the questions aren’t too cleverw)

        • metalodyssey Says:

          It’s all good… any televised Metal show is a great achievement for the music we all love. Eddie Trunk is as fine an ambassador of spreading the great word of Hard Rock and Metal as any before him. I have always been very familiar with Eddie Trunk… I’ll just have to tune into “That Metal Show” once in awhile to see what’s up.

  3. That Metal Show is a fun piece of fluff, and I am glad Eddie Trunk, even if he is a bit of tool, is keeping metal alive, at least in the eyes of the mainstream media and in his defense he does not claim to be an expert on all things metal.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You know… just like Kinger stated above, what other “Metal Shows” are on? Your right, Eddie Trunk is keeping Metal alive in the eyes of the (gasp) mainstream.

      Now… if only there would be a show to compete with that “Pop” and “bubble gum” AI. I would call it… “Metal Idol”. Aw, crap, now some billionaire television producer is gonna steal my Metal idea! Then again… I don’t know how good of an idea this really is anyways… I would not want to see Metal get “watered down” by a network talent show.

  4. Coverdale Says:

    I too once in a while stumble on “That Metal Show” like the above comments it is a hit or miss show. The one major complaint that I have about the show is that it is on for only a half an hour and they try to cram too much into it. They do ask the guests a lot of stupid questions too. Anyway I bet all of us commenting on this blog could probably be as good or better than that crew! Long Live “Metal”

  5. “I wanna be somebody”

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