Alice Cooper (The Band) – A Metal Congratulations!

ALICE COOPER – Metal Odyssey gives a Metal Congratulations to Alice Cooper and each original member of Alice Cooper (The Band) for their induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, class of 2011. Metal accolades go out to the original lineup of Alice Cooper (The Band): Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Dennis DunawayNeal Smith and the late Glen Buxton.

Regardless of the bonehead maneuvers and clique driven approach that the “Rock scholars” at this institution have bestowed over the years, it is a fine feeling to have such an iconic band and powerful figure as Alice Cooper as a member there. Alice Cooper represents Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Just exactly where Shock/Horror Rock would be today, without Alice Cooper leading the way, is a scary Metal thought to ponder. Influential, groundbreaking, legendary… how many more ways can I explain the impact that Alice Cooper has had upon Rock Music across the genres?

At the end of my Metal day, it’s not about Rock genres… it’s about music. Alice Cooper has created music that will live on for untold generations, long after my stay on Earth is over.

Metal Odyssey’s Metal Gripes:

* Alice Cooper belongs inducted as a solo artist as well. Alice Cooper’s solo career began in 1975 with the studio album Welcome To My Nightmare and continues to the present day. Alas, The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s Rock scholars probably don’t know that.

Let’s just hope the trend of inducting the musicians and bands that belong in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame continues. My criticism of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame shall continue, until there are real knowledgeable and non-political Rock minds in place at the helm. Without the likes of KISS, Cheap Trick, The Moody Blues, Heart, Motorhead, Slayer, The Doobie Brothers, The Electric Light Orchestra and Mott The Hoople, to name a many few, (there are many more), it shall remain one big Hall Of Shame. Remember: ABBA is already inducted (?)… the bands previously mentioned, sadly, are overlooked. Bizarre.




19 Responses to “Alice Cooper (The Band) – A Metal Congratulations!”

  1. Well, it’s good that Alice Cooper is finally in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame…but, as you said, so many important acts are missing.

    I wrote about KISS’ snub:

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s like… WTF?! What are these “scholars” thinking? Is it that difficult to induct Alice Cooper “the solo artist” along with Alice Cooper “The Band”?? There is going to be MUCH confusion now, with people thinking that it is Alice Cooper “all by himself” in this Hall of Fame.

      I just don’t get it… plus KISS was nominated for the 2010 inductions and NOT nominated for the 2011 inductions? What a JOKE!! Then… those Rock morons nominate Bon Jovi for the 2011 inductions! WTF again!? Could you even ponder it… if Bon Jovi was inducted before KISS? Whoa… that is a stomach turner.

      Thanks for your link… I’ll be visiting and commenting! 😉

  2. It is about time those boneheads at R n R Hall of Fame inducted Alice Cooper, I am not sure but I believe this will also cover Alice the solo artist.

    Of course this snobs waited a decade and half after Alice was eligable to be nominated but what do you except from a bunch of tools that make up that board

    • metalodyssey Says:

      If you go to the Hall of Shame website, they only list under “A” for inducted members, Alice Cooper Band. As I browse this site, (it is entertaining to see how many “non” performers there are, dudes that obviously threw some big Hollywood parties in their day for the wealthy record executives and Rock/political journalists of the late 60’s and 70’s), I notice the late/legendary George Harrison was inducted years back as George Harrison Solo. I honestly believe that the case with Alice Cooper is he is not inducted solo as well.

      Thank you Manny, like Tokyo Five, you both have supported my ranting about this “elitist” establishment. “Bunch of Tools”… now that is right on the Metal $$$! 🙂

  3. The rock and roll hall of fame is a worthless joke. I love early Alice Cooper, but it doesn’t matter to me if he goes in the hall because it has nothing to do with real music.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      A LOUD and PROUD… Rock And Roll AMEN goes out to you Metal Mark! I am still happy that Alice Cooper (The Band) and Alice Cooper himself gets their well deserved accolades though. I do understand when you say “it has nothing to do with real music”.

      It’s a popularity contest. A “Good Ol’ Boys Club”. The proof is: Metallica is enshrined and Slayer is not. Regardless of the Grammy’s that Slayer has won and that Slayer began their legendary career around the same time as Metallica… Metallica is more “popular”.



  5. What burns my ass about the Rock N Roll of Fame is how snobby they are toward heavy metal and hard rock in general. I love Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC and Van Halen all who made the hall, but these are sort of safe bands to nominate into the hall, they all have become much bigger then their genre and those tools who wrote for Rolling Stone ( the very magazine that at one time hated all these bands) now of course are all critically acclaimed bands.

    I am actually surprised Alice got in (band or solo), unit recently he was critically lambsted, of course these very same morons have not reevaluted Alice’s career and they now deem him worthy.

    They of course are still snobs about KISS, and one of the voting members Dave Marsh stated he will never vote KISS, he calls them a shitty band, well Mr Marsh you are a shitty writer who’s best selling book on Elvis was not even well researched!!!!

    BTW why the hell aren’t Deep Purple in the RnR Hall of Fame

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Manny… you ROCK. Someone should tell this “Mr. Marsh” who is such an “expert” on Elvis, that Elvis was not a songwriter!! How many songs did Elvis ever write, Mr. Marsh?

      You are right on about calling those bands “safe” for the Hall of Shame. If Metallica never made the two songs: “One” and “Enter Sandman” they would NEVER be in the Hall of Shame. Those two “Pop hits” are what catapulted Metallica into the mainstream Rolling Stone limelight. Plus, their “Load” and “ReLoad” albums were “tailor made” for the “American Top 40” writers of Rolling Stone.

      It also sounds like this Mr. Marsh is jealous of KISS. What KISS has accomplished through their music, marketing and influence is nothing short of being culturally iconic for four decades… going on five. Gee, could it be that Gene Simmons is too “Patriotic” towards his country and U.S. troops for the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame? God forbid if you are a band or musician that is part of the USO or has any patriotism… Rolling Stone and the Hall of Shame don’t gravitate towards that “crowd”.

      Lynyrd Skynyrd is in the Hall as another “safe” induction. I’m sure those “Rock scholars” over at that hall have a copy of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s album – “God & Guns”. Yeah, right. Those “scholars” over there are chopping at the bits for when Katy Perry is finally eligible.

      Thanks Manny. 😉

  6. The RNR Hall of fame is a joke, I swear, if Bon Jovi gets in before KISS well I give up all hopes for it, aren’t the BEastie Boys also in the Hall fo shame? I like their first album but come on! They are rap/hip hop, not rock, but then again executives of companies and authors of books reall don’t know what rock is if the vote in ABBA, Deep Purple should be in there, so should a lot of bands, so why don’t we start the hard rock hall of fame or something like that? We can induce rock and metal acts that deserve to be in it.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      If I had the millions RattRocker, I would build my very own Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Hall of Fame… with Punk Rock included too, so the Misfits could get the proper recognition they deserve!

      So, since I am not an “elitist multi-millionaire” that has ties to “elitist” music industry executives and overpaid/unknowledgeable millionaire writers, I can only offer the “Metal Odyssey’s Rock And Roll And Heavy Music Hall Of Fame”… you can see the bands and their links listed on the right column, of Metal Odyssey’s home page. ONLY bands and musicians that are “snubbed” by the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame are listed! The list is always growing… enjoy it! 🙂

      • So what happens if a band on that list gets inducted into the RNR Hall of fame? all of those bands deserve to be in the RNR Hall of Shame, oh well, that is what you get from corporate exeutives, I wonder how many of those executives lsiten to more than the singles from the bands hey induct?

        • metalodyssey Says:

          All those corporate (major label) record executives are chopping at the bits for American Idol’s new season to start… that’s where they find all their new “Top 40” lip syncing superstars.

          Plus… not everybody belongs in that hall… I’ll give you a hint to one: this band’s name is pronounced the same forwards and backwards… they are… ABBA. 😉

          • Man if Abba got in then KISS should too, I mean ABBA was disco and KISS does have a disco song (well a couple) I Was Made For Lovin’ You. I don’t care for American Idol, even if Steven Tyler is now a judge, I only watch it on rock night of a band I like but that is all, there is no talent with most of the singers anyway, Most of them start as pop singers but turn to country ( most notably the female singers who win). I admit though, Daughtry’s first album was pretty good, it has a creed sound to him becuase Creed was one of his biggest influences, but American Idol really doe nothing for me.

            • metalodyssey Says:

              I’ll tell you this much, that American Idol show will never find a REAL “coal miners daughter” when it comes to REAL country singing talent.

            • I admit I do like a bit of country (Kenny Chesney’s Live Live Those Sogns Again album) but I can say I don’t like any female country singers at all, I am not being sexist but that is the way I feel.

            • metalodyssey Says:

              You’re not being sexist RattRocker, by not liking any female country vocalists. I don’t like listening to any female or male opera singers… they give me a headache. 😉

  7. We all know that the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is a joke. That is what happens when you let “Rolling Stone” magazine be in charge of what is considered Rock N Roll. Judas Priest & KISS are excluded, yet Madonna & Toni Basil are in… WTF! Though, when an artist I admire is inducted, I am happy for them, as long as they are happy for themselves. The Alice Cooper Band (as well as Alice) should be in a Hall of Fame. Of course my favorite Hall of Fame inductees are the Sex Pistols. They not only rejected the induction (which I believe every artist of the Rock & Roll genre should do), but sent a scathing retort to the induction that looks as if it were penned by a serial killer. True Punk Rock, Baby! With no disrespect to the artist, I would like to make this statement. Though this accolade is the equivalent of giving adulation to an All-Star athlete for winning a competition against an 11-year-old paraplegic who is mentally ill, Congratulations to the Alice cooper Band.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      LOL! 🙂

      Sex Pistols are by themselves, a Rock ‘N’ Roll institution… they never needed that place to remind them or fans like us what they meant to Rock history.

      Plus, as a bonus this time around, Bon Jovi got snubbed by the “Rock scholars”! I shudder to even think of Bon Jovi being in that mainstream hall without KISS, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc, (the list is long).. not enshrined ahead of time. I’d like to tally how many “famous” bands have been influenced by KISS… and how many have been influenced by Bon Jovi. It’s the “principle” of the matter and that hall of shame has no principles.

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