“We Dare You To Cook Up LEMMY” – Mosh Potatoes and LoudTrax.com Contest!

Legendary MOTORHEAD front man Lemmy Kilmister has a recipe that is so metal it could only be featured in Steve Seabury’s heavy metal cook book “Mosh Potatoes – Recipes, Anecdotes and Mayhem From The Heavyweights of Heavy Metal”. LoudTrax.com, the rock, metal, punk download and merch site has decided to partner up with Lemmy and “Mosh Potatoes” to dare all the metal heads around the world to cook up their version of Lemmy’s “Krakatoa Surprise”.

The idea for the contest came about when author Steve Seabury and LoudTrax.com founder Antonio Marsillo were hanging out in Times Square, smoking a couple of Cuban cigars.  Steve handed Antonio a copy of the book and they were making jokes about the many recipes.  Many beers later, the idea to dare metal heads around the world to cook up Lemmy’s recipe was born.

Lemmy himself liked the idea so much, he offered up an autographed, framed photograph and as well as a signed CD.  In addition to Lemmy’s prizes, the winner of this contest receives a boat load of prizes including Lemmy shirts, Harley-Davidson (R) boots, and more.  Participants must send a video of them cooking up this monster, upload it to YouTube and then submit it on the Lemmy Contest section of LoudTrax.com.

LoudTrax.com is the world’s first and only website specializing in Rock, Metal, Punk downloads and merchandise.  It’s made by rock music fans, for rock music fans.  The site boosts 17 dedicated sub genres ranging from Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, Black Metal, Death Metal, Punk, Classic Rock, and more.

Mosh Potatoes is the heavy metal cook book with recipes, anecdotes and mayhem from the heavyweights of heavy metal.  Seabury managed to get recipes from 147 artist including LEMMY, ZAKK WYLDE, MOTLEY CRUE, GUNS & ROSES, DREAM THEATER, PANTERA, TESTAMENT, LITA FORD, MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD and a who’s who of Heavy Rock artists.

Find out more about the contest here:  http://www.loudtrax.com/thepit/LemmysCookoutContest

Watch video of author Steve Seabury explaining the contest below:

LoudTrax.com – Rock, Metal, Punk Downloads

Disclaimer. LoudTrax.com, Mosh Potatoes or any party involved is not responsible for damaged kitchens, blown up ovens, burnt cooking mitts, burnt hair, or any other injuries that result from attempting to cook this crazy ass recipe.

The Recipe
 – Krakatoa Surprise. Lemmy, Motorhead

¼ pound flour

½ pound chocolate syrup

¼ pound refried beans

½ pound curry powder

1 bottle strawberry syrup

¼ bottle brandy

Mix flour, syrup, beans and curry powder into a model of Krakatoa Island. Pour strawberry syrup over it to simulate lava. Pour brandy over all. Strike a match. Eat while still burning. SURPRISE!




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