NECROMANCE “Never Look Back” – Demo From 2009 Swells With Metal Promise

NECROMANCE – As I see and hear it, the younger Metal bands of today are the future of Metal. It has always been that way, as each decade passes. My curiosity for unsigned bands is constant, every notable Heavy Music band in the world today was unsigned at one point in time. So, while I was searching through a pile of CD’s this past week, I stumbled upon Necromance and their demo from 2009 titled – Never Look Back.

Necromance is a Metal band from Pennsylvania, forming back in 2004, with obvious influences that come from Traditional Metal and hints of American Power Metal from yesteryear. The brother and sister duo of  Sarah Teets (vocals) and Jeff Teets (guitar) along with drummer Kalin Schweizerhof make up the current Necromance lineup, original members all.

As with all demo’s, production is not going to jump out at you and scream perfection. With Never Look Back, there are the expected raw edges that comes with a demo recording and I really like what I hear. Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All is raw and that was this legendary band’s first studio album, an eventual launching pad for their Metal fame. The Queensryche EP from 1984 had it’s raw luster to my ears too and look at what that band has accomplished since. Every band needs that launching pad, Necromance plays their Metal with enough Traditional Metal style to attract a vast audience of fans.

Jeff Teets on guitar plays some hot riffs and leads on Never Look Back, not bashful to unleash a muscular solo when it counts. Stand Up And Fight is a prime Metal example of Jeff’s guitar competence. I can feel the energy and excitement in these songs elevate, due to the guitar licks that Jeff lets loose.

Sarah Teets has vocals that would appeal to Power Metal and even Symphonic Metal fans. There is an evident air of Metal clarity to Sarah’s vocals combined with contagious harmony, this very likely can ignite more widespread accessibility for Necromance. Sarah even reminds me of Maria Breon, who fronts the American Heavy Metal band – HolyHell. This is not an operatic Metal band by any stretch of the imagination. The Melodic Metal that Necromance weaves with such an Old School style, is a never ending reminder of just how relevant that Metal sound really is… to me.

I’ll be on the lookout for Necromance in the future, their Metal fire has been lit with Never Look Back. If this band intends to actually never look back and keeps moving forward, while maintaining a belief in their Metal style, then there possibly may be great Metal moments in the future awaiting them.

* Necromance has opened for these extremely well known bands: Jon Oliva’s Pain, Overkill, Raven, George Lynch, Doro, Chris Caffrey, Circle II Circle and Manticora. That is one Metal impressive list, if I might say.

* For more info on NECROMANCE and to purchase their Never Look Back demo, just click on the very cool links below:

NECROMANCE – Official Website

NECROMANCE – Reverbnation

Track Listing For Never Look Back:

Never Look Back

Stand Up And Fight


The End Of Our Days

Breaking The Chains

Destiny Calls

Remember (Acoustic)


Sarah Teets – vocals

Jeff Teets – guitar

Kalin Schweizerhof – drums

* Chad Hontz played bass on the Never Look Back demo.

* John Gaffney is the current temporary bassist, NECROMANCE is currently seeking a bassist



2 Responses to “NECROMANCE “Never Look Back” – Demo From 2009 Swells With Metal Promise”

  1. Hey man! Thanks a lot for the support! Since you’re from PA, be sure to keep checking our website. We have a big show in the works for late May….

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