Ted Nugent – “Tied Up In Love” From 1984 Revisited!

TED NUGENT – Back in 1984, the 8th studio album from guitar and Rock legend Ted Nugent was released on Atlantic Records. This album was Penetrator and it ROCKS, regardless of what any snotty, red carpet, plastic faced, poser ridden, “professional” and overpaid Rock critics may have written about it over the decades. Ted Nugent had the vocal talent of Brian Howe on Penetrator. I’ve always enjoyed the vocals of Brian Howe, his solo material and (career) albums with Bad Company is always an excellent listen for me.

I bought Penetrator on vinyl back in ’84 at a department store called Bradlees. I no longer have that slab of vinyl… it’s a shame. One of my favorite songs from Penetrator is Tied Up In Love. This Ted Nugent album saw the inclusion of keyboards. Tied Up In Love gets a tempo boost from the keyboards. The elevation of sound these keys give this song never fails to psyche-me-out. Ted Nugent also adds many kickin’ guitar licks to Tied Up In Love. A true hard and heavy song classic from an album that I’ve never forgotten about. Metal be thy name.

Getting back to the keyboards, which are so prevalent in this melodically accessible Ted Nugent piece of history, is my maybe being a tad bias about keyboards in the first place. I’ve always revered the Classic Rock backbone sound of the B3 organ, only that takes us off topic by a few strands of corn hair. My love affair for the keyboards in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal is rather unshakable. The too numerous to count European Power Metal bands that I scream for in Metal glee, is true Metal measurement, to my everlasting infatuation towards the mighty sound that the keyboards bring to the Rock ‘N’ Roll party.

Here’s hoping you dig Ted Nugent’s Tied Up In Love as much as I do!

Track Listing For Penetrator:

Tied Up In Love

(Where Do You) Draw The Line

Knockin’ At Your Door

Don’t You Want My Love

Go Down Fighting

Thunder Thighs

No Man’s Land

Blame It On The Night

Lean Mean R&R Machine

Take Me Home

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15 Responses to “Ted Nugent – “Tied Up In Love” From 1984 Revisited!”

  1. not many folks gave props for this era of Nugent, which kinda sucks since this is some of his better lyrical material.

    his guitar-centric works will always rank higher, especially from his early solo stuff, but there’s great music on every album he’s released to date.. they all kick ass!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more on all of your Metal thoughts here. Lyrics to “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Wango Tango” are fun stuff, their simplicity were/still are carried by the Heavy Rockin’ grooves and thunder of Ted Nugents band(s). I get a huge kick out of “Girl Scout Cookies”… that song has the funniest lyrics of any Ted Nugent song IMO.

      Like you’ve stated: “they all kick ass!” \m/

  2. I jammed to this a lot in high school!

    ha = old dog here…yup.

    “Tied Up in Love” made it on many “best of” cassette compilations that I was
    famous for making in the 80’s.

    Thanks for the memory.

    Very under rated Nugent LP IMO.

    *yikes, we’re all gonna’ have to pony up and go self-hosted, those ads WP are blasting [at the end of our posts] are terrible and not even relevant.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more on this album being underrated! Ted Nugent “captured” that “sound” that was happening in the mid 80’s… Uriah Heep did the same thing with keyboards and Arena “style” heaviness of the day with their albums “Abominog” and “Head First” for example.

      You know… I can’t see those “ads” at the bottom of my posts when I’m “logged in” as a user. I don’t get any $$$ for them and that’s a bummer! Your very welcome for the Metal “memory” of this song too Metal buddy! 🙂 \m/

  3. Nice talk about this album, and i agree but if its such a important album to you, why you dont have the vinyl anymore???? Did you lost interest in hard rock and metal during the mid 90s like so many other 80s hard rock fans????

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I unfortunately had to sell half of my albums just to have (some) money back in the early to mid 90’s. It was just something I had to do, not wanted to do. It was a period of time in my life where I was just broke. I upgraded many, many, albums to CD since, including this Ted Nugent “Penetrator” album. I’ve also found many vinyl albums at thrift stores, (at prices much lower than dealers are asking), many are titles I once owned. So, in the past dozen years or so, I have re-acquired many albums I did once own.

      The “memory” of owning this album on vinyl can still mean something to me, even if I don’t still have that original vinyl and it’s now a CD. I never lost interest in Hard Rock or Metal at any point in my life. If anything, my passion for the music I write about has grown, each passing day of my life it seems. Thank you for asking and visiting. \m/

  4. I haven’t heard this album in decades but I remember that it rocked! I saw Ted Nugent twice in 1986 on the Little Miss Dangerous tour and he showed everyone that he could still wail on a guitar. Please don’t call me stupid here, but could anyone tell me which album the track High Heels in Motion is featured on?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You ain’t stupid man… I brain fart on a consistent basis. 😮

      “High Heels In Motion” is heard/found on the album you saw Ted Nugent supporting back in 1986: “Little Miss Dangerous” 😉

  5. Love the Nuge, but most of his stuff in the 80’s after Scream Dream was some of the weakest of his career. I still have this one on vinyl though.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The “Classic” Nugent is just that… I can agree that “Scream Dream” and prior is his “best” stuff too. I really dig his last studio album “Love Grenade”… it’s a “fun” bunch of songs. You still having the vinyl only makes me say: YOU LUCKY! 🙂

  6. I just replaced my 1980’s Nugent output from vinyl to disc last year, this I have to confess is my least favorite period of Nugent’s career, a few good songs scattered through out but nothing as good as his original 70’s input.

    ‘Tied Up In Love’ is one of those classics, and introduce to me Brian Howe, who I thought it a good job on those later Bad Company albums, even if those albums are not among my favorite from Bad Co’s discography

    • metalodyssey Says:

      You can’t beat the Paul Rodgers fronted Bad Company… that’s the classic “stuff” from them. I liked what Damn Yankees did too… even if the songs were very commercial those Damn Yankees did ROCK!

      A Metal kudos to you Manny, going from vinyl to CD or cassette to CD is costly. I’m taking ’em one at a time… then, by the time I reach 80, I’ll have everything from the 70′ and 80’s on CD! 😮

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i happen to have a tape of ted on a michigan radio station and he has a clip leading into this song which is funny as well.

  8. I have heard lots of stuff good and bad about Damn Yankees. They were more commercial, but Ted still laid down some good guitar solos.

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