ZZ TOP – Live From Texas: A Very Cool Listen From Three Rockin’ Legends!

ZZ TOPBilly Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. Three undisputed Rock and Roll legends. On this 2011 July 4th holiday weekend in America, kickin’ back to some live ZZ Top with some cold brews aplenty, well,  just seems like the right thing to do. I pulled Live From Texas out a couple of days ago and thought this album should be recommended for any fan of good times, old school, Classic Rock. Aw, hell, any fan of Rock Music just has to appreciate what ZZ Top has accomplished over their glorious Rockin’ career. From Southern Rock to Hard Rock, with the Blues in-between, ZZ Top is Rock and Roll whoop-ass, no matter how you slice it.

Released back in 2008, on Eagle Records, Live From Texas is not short on sound quality and production. This album obviously makes for a very cool greatest hits and live combination. Fans both old and new should get a kick out of hearing Pearl Necklace being introduced, showing that a little band rhetoric with the audience surely goes a long way. I dig every song I hear on Live From Texas, including Rough BoyMetal be thy name. Rough Boy seems to take an unfair hit every now and again and I’m tellin you now, this song is cool alone for just making the girls all mushy. Well, that’s how I observed it  “back in the day” with Rough Boy.

The live versions of Cheap Sunglasses and Just Got Paid flat out ROCK through my veins with Classic Rockin’ intoxication. Being able to see ZZ Top live during my lifetime is something I’ll always cherish and want to experience again one day soon. In the meantime, I’ll just reach for Live From Texas to get my dose of ZZ Top playing 16 songs live… with Texas and American pride!

* ZZ Top – Live From Texas was recorded on November 1st, 2007, at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Live From Texas – Track Listing:

Got Me Under Pressure

Waitin’ For The Bus

Jesus Just Left Chicago

I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide

Cheap Sunglasses

Pearl Necklace

Just Got Paid

Rough Boy

Blues Intro

Blue Jean Blues

Gimme All Your Lovin’

Sharp Dressed Man


Tube Snake Boogie

La Grange





4 Responses to “ZZ TOP – Live From Texas: A Very Cool Listen From Three Rockin’ Legends!”

  1. Just an amazing concert dvd this, Stone. Probably one of my all-time favourites. I’ve been into ‘The Top” since the early 70’s, when as a green English teenager, the images they conjured up on tracks like Tush and la Grange seemed so exotic and mysterious. Having visted Texas several times since, most of the mysteries have been explored to the fullest!

    Love this band, living legends -as this gig shows.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Right on Kev. I can understand your interpreting early ZZ Top as “exotic” and “mysterious” back then. ZZ Top did introduce a whole new sound, a boogie-woogie Southern beat that most certainly was fresh among Rock fans in the 70’s. I’m glad you love America’s Rock and Roll like you do… it comes out in fabulous fashion on your “Blue Odyssey” album too!

      You know, I am guility of not owning the “Live From Texas” DVD! OMG help me! I have put this DVD on my MUST own list! 😉

  2. ZZ Top are one of those few bands that appeal to metalheads and trendies alike. The Eliminator album is considered to be one of the best albums of the 80s if not all time. I have always been a fan of the Top.

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