Led Zeppelin – Mothership and Remasters: Greatest Hits Albums Of The Day!

LED ZEPPELIN – I’m recommending Mothership (2007/Atlantic) and Remasters (1992/Atlantic), as the “Greatest Hits Albums Of The Day” from the ultra iconic Led Zeppelin. Honestly, what in the hell could I possibly write about, regarding any Zofo song or album, that has never been written about before? Break down a Led Zep album? C’mon, I’m a realist. Anyhow, I bought Mothership this past Winter due to my “want” behavior that sometimes is difficult to control… especially when it comes to Rock and Roll.

Due to my being a spontaneous album/CD collector geek, I own both these dandy Led Zeppelin “Greatest Hits” I’m recommending. (Remasters is shown below). I picked up Remasters in a “trade” many years ago. Due to my very serious lack of disposable income all those years ago, I traded away the CD’s of Pink Floyd The Wall and threw in Metallica …And Justice For All to get this Remasters.

This trade happened back around 1993 or ’94. I finally picked up The Wall on CD this past year, once again reuniting myself with a Pink Floyd classic of classics. I parted ways with …And Justice For All due to my disliking the song One so badly. I never to this day replaced …And Justice For All either. I most likely will replace it, however. As Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say: “It is what it is”.

Remasters is an odd size, (approximately 5 3/4″ x 12″), while it looks and feels like a long hardcover book that opens up. This Remasters is a 3 disc set, with disc 3 being an interview with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. This set was released back in 1992 on Atlantic Records. Of course, with the interview CD on Remasters, it does set itself apart from Mothership.

If I was “forced” to choose my favorite Led Zeppelin song of all-time, then that song is: Houses of the Holy. I’ll say this though, Trampled Underfoot comes a very, very close second.


The word “dandy” was once again used, on Metal Odyssey.


3 Responses to “Led Zeppelin – Mothership and Remasters: Greatest Hits Albums Of The Day!”

  1. This is a great Greatest Hits album. Nothing wrong with buying it, although I was lucky, I got mine as a Christmas gift ;0)

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Rock/Metal albums as Christmas gifts is the most considerate gift I can think of. Well, besides ca$h. 🙂

  2. Good stuff, but I prefer the early and latter days collections.

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