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On This Day In LED ZEPPELIN History – September 16th…

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Led Zeppelin - classic band logo - #071385MOSLMNMS33

On September 16th, 1970LED ZEPPELIN unseated the Beatles in The Most Popular Group category for the 1970 Melody Maker Poll Awards. Robert Plant was voted as Best Male Vocalist at this same awards. This historic event was hosted by The Savoy Hotel in London, England.

On September 16th, 1970Robert Plant and John Bonham did a TV interview on the BBC’s Nationwide.


On September 16th, 2016LED ZEPPELIN releases The Complete BBC Sessions; a newly re-mastered (re-release) which features 8 unreleased BBC recordings.

On September 16th, 2016LED ZEPPELIN‘s The Complete BBC Sessions is ranked at #22, on the iTunes Top 100 Albums Chart. Whoa!





On This Day In LED ZEPPELIN History – September 9th

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Led Zeppelin - classic band logo - #071385MOSLMNMS33

Here’s a couple of Rock historic moments from the yesteryear of the iconic LED ZEPPELIN. There will never be another band like this one. Perhaps the very best ever? The debate shall forever continue…


On September 9th, 1970LED ZEPPELIN performed at the legendary Boston Garden, in Boston, Massachusetts.


On September 9th, 1971LED ZEPPELIN performed at the Hampton Roads Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia.





On This Day In METAL History – April 23rd… The Iconic LED ZEPPELIN

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Led Zeppelin - ticket stub - The Omni - Atlanta - 04 - 23 - 77 - #10423JPMO

On April 23, 1977 – The impeccable Led Zeppelin performed at The Omni, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The ticket price (shown above) was $10, in US funds. $10!! My Metal God Almighty, that is an unbelievable thing! Check out the concert setlist, below:

The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I’ve Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Trampled Underfoot.

* Source for above concert setlist: Led Zeppelin Official Website.

Led Zeppelin - Backstage Pass - Atlanta - 1977 - promo pic

Above: A backstage pass to this 1977 Led Zeppelin concert at The Omni.

Stone Says, About Led Zeppelin: Anytime I happen across Led Zeppelin history, I get those good chills. I believe that without Led Zeppelin, the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal sounds we hear today would not be the same. Legendary guitarist Jimmy Page with his melodic (and heavy) mastery and unique expression of scales and chords has certainly penetrated the building blocks of widespread Rock and Heavy Music. The guitar playing of Jimmy Page, to this day, is always like fresh rain water falling from the heavens, in my Metal opinion.

Vocalist Robert Plant and Jimmy Page equally gave each Led Zeppelin song its own identity, while bassist John Paul Jones and (the late) drummer John Bonham’s less is more styles of play can never be duplicated and only imitated. Metal be thy name. – Stone





On This Day In METAL History – February 24th – A Special Led Zeppelin Edition!

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Led Zeppelin - Classic Logo - band symbols - #2015RPJP

On February 24th, 1969 – The exceptional Led Zeppelin performed at Club Lafayette, in Wolverhampton, UK. The late and great John Bonham had booked the Club Lafayette for his wife’s (Pat) 21st birthday party. Led Zeppelin took to the stage and performed before the packed house full of friends and family.

Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti" large promo album pic

On this day in 1975 – The sixth studio album from the iconic Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti, was released. This magnificent album is certified Platinum 16x, in the USA. This album was also released on Led Zeppelin’s new Swan Song label.

Led Zeppelin - IV - promo album cover pic - #1971JPRP

On February 24th, 1999Led Zeppelin IV is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame. This seminal studio album was released back in November of 1971 and features such Led Zeppelin classics as: Stairway To Heaven, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Misty Mountain Hop and When The Levee Breaks.

Led Zeppelin - MOJO - magazine cover feature - February 24 - 2015 - #777LZJBMO

On this day in 2015MOJO magazine (issue 257) releases their Led Zeppelin/Physical Graffiti issue to the world. This issue of MOJO also contains a free CD: Physical Graffiti Redrawn. Cover versions of Physical Graffiti songs are featured on this CD, from such artists as: Blackberry Smoke, White Denim, Syd Arthur and more.

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti - Deluxe CD Edition - #2015JPLZMO33

On February 24th, 2015Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti Deluxe Edition is released exactly 40 years to the day after its debut! Produced and remastered by the great Jimmy Page, this is undoubtedly a Led Zeppelin studio album to celebrate.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1





On This Day In METAL History – February 16th – A Led Zeppelin Edition!

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Led Zeppelin Baltimore 2-16-69 ad

On February 16th, 1969 – The fabulous Led Zeppelin performed at the Civic Center in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Led Zeppelin was a supporting band for the legendary Vanilla Fudge.

Led Zeppelin - Subiaco Oval - Perth Australia - ticket promo - 1972 - #33LZMO

On this day in 1972 – The sensational Led Zeppelin performed at Subiaco Oval, in Perth, Australia.

Led Zeppelin - Classic Logo - band symbols - #2015RPJP

On February 16th, 1975 – The legendary Led Zeppelin performed at The Arena in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Robert Plant - Linda Ronstadt - Circus Magazine - Feb - 16 - 1978 - #78RPLRMO

On this day in 1978Robert Plant was featured on the cover of Circus magazine. The date on this magazine’s front cover is February 16, 1978. This was issue number 175. The gal pictured is Linda Ronstadt. If you’re not familiar with who Linda Ronstadt is, then click on the link below:

Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain - promo 45rpm cover sleeve - #1980LZMO

On February 16th, 1980 – The iconic Led Zeppelin had their hit, Fool In The Rain, sitting at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. This song is featured on their eighth studio album from 1979: In Through The Out Door.

Led Zeppelin - Mothership - promo album cover pic - #996677

On this day in 2015Led Zeppelin’s compilation of timeless hits and songs, Mothership, is at #188, on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. This album has spent 193 non-consecutive weeks on this chart, peaking at #7.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




LED ZEPPELIN – Reunion Rumors, The Everlasting Relevance And Legacy Of This Iconic Rock Band

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Guitar World - Jimmy Page - cover feature - December - 2014 - promo pic

In this issue of Guitar World Holiday 2014, (above), Guitarist and producer Jimmy Page revisits two of Led Zeppelin’s most god-like albums, IV and Houses of the Holy. We also talk about the history of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” which remains one of the most durable songs in rock history. – Guitar World


Stone’s Metal thoughts about Led Zeppelin:

Jimmy Page. Robert Plant. John Paul Jones. John Bonham. These are the names that forever will be Led Zeppelin. Accept no substitutes or cover acts that do their very best to pretend. The real deal Led Zeppelin lineup were those four mentioned musicians, up until the tragic passing of John Bonham, on September 25th of 1980. In the case of Led Zeppelin, nothing beats an original is an understatement.

During the rare live reunions of Led Zeppelin, neither Phil Collins (1985 Live Aid) or Jason Bonham (2007 Celebration Day Concert), could truly fill the shoes of John Bonham. With all due respect to those who’ve tried, it’s like trying to fill the shoes of George HarrisonJohn Lennon, Dimebag Darrell or Ace Frehley, it just isn’t gonna be remotely the same. I don’t claim Phil Collins or Jason Bonham were ever trying to fill these legendary shoes of John Bonham, for they are world-class drummers in their own right.

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day - promo album banner - 2013 - #02

It’s called band chemistry for a reason and without it, that special something is gone. Fans can hear it, see it, taste it and feel it. Certainly, a Led Zeppelin reunion right now, be it a tour and/or studio album would be fun for the fans, only each surviving band member of Led Zeppelin has to want and feel the magic too; only they know if they can still capture the chemistry of yesteryear. In recent CBS This Morning interviews, both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have denied knowing of an 800 million dollar contract being ripped up or even offered. So much for the rumor mill, it will bite you every time.

Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy - deluxe - reissue - promo pic - 2014

Above: Houses Of The Holy (Deluxe CD Edition)

I’ve seen the legendary Jimmy Page on the television show circuit, recently. With his recent appearances on CBS This Morning and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I cannot question the sincerity, humor and candor of Jimmy Page, the man comes across as the legend he’s perceived as. Jimmy Page makes it no secret that he would embrace a Led Zeppelin reunion, on these telecasts. However, a recent appearance of Robert Plant on CBS This Morning had him conveying an entirely different opinion, regarding a Led Zeppelin reunion. Robert Plant had made it clear, that Led Zeppelin was a four member band when John Bonham was alive and he pointed out the importance that the late drummer had on his life and the band. In other words, Robert Plant has no ambition to facilitate a Led Zeppelin reunion, based on his interview on CBS This Morning. I tend to believe that money is no longer a motivator for the members of Led Zeppelin; if it were the case, this band would have been touring decades ago.

Robert Plant - lullaby and the ceaseless roar - promo album cover pic - 2014

Robert Plant has his successful solo career still running on all cylinders, with his tenth solo album, Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, just being released on September 9th, 2014, via Nonesuch/Warner Bros. Records. Robert Plant has earned his success as a solo artist through decades of dedication; while even winning his first ever Grammy Award in 2009 for Album Of The Year with Alison Krauss for their 2007 album: Raising Sand. Strangely, Led Zeppelin never won a Grammy Award; a reminder to all of how clueless the Grammy voting committee can truly be, historically.

Robert Plant - Alison Krauss - Raising Sand - promo cover pic

John Paul Jones has recently kept very busy touring with The Dave Rawlings Machine. This legendary bassist of Led Zeppelin was even a member of Them Crooked Vultures, a Hard Rock supergroup/power trio which included Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. Them Crooked Vultures debut album even peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, in 2009. It’s as if everything that a surviving member of Led Zeppelin touches turns to gold and that is mystical in itself.

Led Zeppelin - Mothership - promo album cover pic - #996677

Jimmy Page has in recent years stirred the legacy of Led Zeppelin into the social consciousness of Rock fans both young and old, via reissues and the unparalleled greatest hits: 2007’s Mothership. Yes, Jimmy Page has also enjoyed an acclaimed solo career, only now it’s the focus of Led Zeppelin’s legacy of songs that seems to drive him. And why not so? With the classic catalog of Led Zeppelin albums being reissued and given deluxe CD package treatments, the aura of this band continues to burn bright. These legendary Led Zeppelin albums are once again returning to the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, due largely on the fact that these reissues also contain previously unreleased material. Jimmy Page as an album producer will forever be revered, his passion and intellect of song and sound has few equals, in my Metal opinion.

Jimmy Page - Jimmy Page Book - promo pic - 2014 - #1122

Above: The legendary Jimmy Page and his newly released book – Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page

These legendary members of Led Zeppelin have remained musically focused, talent-fueled and continuously relevant with each passing decade; they’ve been the constant and never-ending improvement model, at its finest, for all to follow in the world of Rock And Roll. Led Zeppelin doesn’t need their band logo put on toilet paper or pillow cases to earn a quick buck; nor does this band need to be force-fed onto the masses with smart aleck marketing schemes to stay relevant. I personally (since I’ve been alive) cannot recall an era of Rock when Led Zeppelin lost their relevancy; this iconic band has stood the test of time.

Even the mighty KISS has suffered an identity crisis musically, on more than one occasion, during their reign; whereas Led Zeppelin takes critical heat for only CODA, a 1982 studio album released after the fact, if you will. It’s all about the music and the timeless sound of Led Zeppelin that keeps their Rock And Roll flame burning. I was just a tad too young to have been able to see Led Zeppelin in concert, back in the ’70’s; still its their catalog of music and live videos that I can forever embrace. Those are my Metal thoughts and opinions, anyways. May the magic of Led Zeppelin live on forever. Metal be thy name. – Stone.


* For more info on LED ZEPPELIN:






LED ZEPPELIN 2 Is Back! New Tour Dates Announced!

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Led Zeppelin 2 - live promo band pic - #1 - 2013

The country’s favorite Led Zeppelin tribute band, LED ZEPPELIN 2, is back! Following a brief period of dormancy, the band — fronted by Yakuza’s Bruce Lamont — will return to the stage beginning with a special set at Chicago’s Ben Fest this Saturday, marking their only area appearances of the year. In August the band will head West for shows in California and Nevada and in September, make their way to Ohio and Michigan with, additional performances to be announced soon. 



7/20/2013 Ben Fest – Chicago, IL [more info] * only area appearance!

8/15/2013 Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA [more info]

8/16/2013 House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV [more info]

8/17/2013 Slims – San Francisco, CA [more info]

8/18/2013 House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA [more info]

9/21/2013 Bogart’s – Cincinnati, OH [more info]

9/22/2013 St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI [more info]


Dubbed “…the best Zep band going anywhere,” by Time Out New York, “…the closest thing to seeing the real Led Zeppelin,” by The Dallas Observer and commended for their “authentic raw flair,” by Atlanta’s Backstage Beat, who note that it’s, “hard to believe how balls-out fantastic they are,” LED ZEPPELIN 2 continue to reap critical accolades for their larger-than-life Zep reenactment. Rather than a kitschy “greatest hits” show however, you get to experience Zeppelin as Zeppelin would have played live themselves, playing deep cuts and classic tracks from the entire catalog, and occasionally entire ZEPPELINperformances from specific shows and sets from the band’s storied history.

Led Zeppelin 2 - Swan Song Logo - promo


LED ZEPPELIN 2 demonstrated an unparalleled ability to mimic the original… the energy in the room reverberated as the band owned the stage.” – The Third Word

“There are a lot of ZEP tributes out there, but this one’s our favorite, not least because its members fully immerse themselves in the musicianship and style of the four classic-rock heavyweights. That Yakuza howler Bruce Lamont does a mean Robert Plant is icing on the cake.” – Time Out Chicago

“…these imitators get the LED out in a way your battered copy of Physical Graffiti never will, right down to the unearthly tones of guitarist Paul Kamp’s bowed Les Paul solos. Sure, purists are still holding out for the real deal’s tour, but even if that happens, it’s doubtful that Robert Plant can wail the opening lines of ‘Black Dog’ as well as his LED ZEPPELIN 2 counterpart, Bruce Lamont,” – The Onion

“The band is on its way out of the minor leagues, and is now playing bigger venues for a generation of fans too young to have ever experienced the genuine article.” – The New Yorker


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on LED ZEPPELIN 2:

Facebook: LedZeppelin2

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LED ZEPPELIN – ‘Celebration Day’ Double CD Releases November 19th, 2012, Via Atlantic Records

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LED ZEPPELINCelebration Day is a historically documented Rock Music event, in which the ultra iconic Led Zeppelin performed onstage, on December 10th, 2007, at The O2 Arena in London. This was a tribute concert for the late Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records.

Over two hours of Led Zeppelin classics were filmed and recorded on this amazing night of Rock Music history, showcasing the everlasting talents of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and (the late John Bonham’s son) Jason Bonham.

Releasing on November 19th, 2012, via Atlantic Records, Celebration Day will be available as 2-CD, 2-CD + 1-DVD and 2-CD + 2-DVD formats.

With this event being the first concert for Led Zeppelin in 27 years, 20 million fans (worldwide) put in for tickets, with only 18,000 lucky fans obtaining a once-in-a-lifetime seat.

Check out the Celebration Day concert movie trailer below! Celebration Day hits the cinemas this October!


Special thanks to Scott Coverdale for contributing.

For more info on LED ZEPPELIN, click on the links below!

Official facebook: Led Zeppelin Official



Led Zeppelin – Mothership and Remasters: Greatest Hits Albums Of The Day!

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LED ZEPPELIN – I’m recommending Mothership (2007/Atlantic) and Remasters (1992/Atlantic), as the “Greatest Hits Albums Of The Day” from the ultra iconic Led Zeppelin. Honestly, what in the hell could I possibly write about, regarding any Zofo song or album, that has never been written about before? Break down a Led Zep album? C’mon, I’m a realist. Anyhow, I bought Mothership this past Winter due to my “want” behavior that sometimes is difficult to control… especially when it comes to Rock and Roll.

Due to my being a spontaneous album/CD collector geek, I own both these dandy Led Zeppelin “Greatest Hits” I’m recommending. (Remasters is shown below). I picked up Remasters in a “trade” many years ago. Due to my very serious lack of disposable income all those years ago, I traded away the CD’s of Pink Floyd The Wall and threw in Metallica …And Justice For All to get this Remasters.

This trade happened back around 1993 or ’94. I finally picked up The Wall on CD this past year, once again reuniting myself with a Pink Floyd classic of classics. I parted ways with …And Justice For All due to my disliking the song One so badly. I never to this day replaced …And Justice For All either. I most likely will replace it, however. As Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say: “It is what it is”.

Remasters is an odd size, (approximately 5 3/4″ x 12″), while it looks and feels like a long hardcover book that opens up. This Remasters is a 3 disc set, with disc 3 being an interview with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. This set was released back in 1992 on Atlantic Records. Of course, with the interview CD on Remasters, it does set itself apart from Mothership.

If I was “forced” to choose my favorite Led Zeppelin song of all-time, then that song is: Houses of the Holy. I’ll say this though, Trampled Underfoot comes a very, very close second.


The word “dandy” was once again used, on Metal Odyssey.


Kip Winger – “From The Moon To The Sun” shines bright

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173147821Yes, Kip Winger is still creating music. Only you will not hear the Winger of the 1980’s on “From The Moon To The Sun” – this is Kip Winger accentuating his diverse affection for all music. Really, this is not an album to pass over if you are an open minded Hard Rock or Metal fan. With so many musicians in Hard Rock and Metal experimenting musically these days, it does not come as a huge surprise to listen to a softer, more mature (musically), Kip Winger. I hear Kip Wingers influences throughout “From The Moon To The Sun.” Kip Winger gives special thanks, in the liner notes, to his musical heroes, they are: Honegger, Ravel, Debussy, Bach, Brahms, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Kurek, Vaughan Williams, Adams, The BeatlesLed Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel and Joe Walsh. Seeing the list of Kip’s musical heroes definitely solidifies my saying this album is truly musically diverse. Quite honestly, there are some dudes on this heroes list that I have absolutely no clue as to who they are. I am innocent, for I am a Metalhead after all. (I am not used to too many mellow musicians, especially Classical musicians, however, I am a work in progress).

Now, I actually bought this CD without hearing a single song first. You betcha. Why did I do such a thing you may be asking? First, I always liked Winger and the catchy/sometimes near sappy, Hair Metal music that Winger really was. Secondly, I saw Winger live, with Cinderella and The Bullet Boys. It was at the Springfield Civic Center, in good ol’ Springfield Massachusetts, back in the late 80’s. Winger rocked the house that evening in Springfield, Kip Winger was cool, flashy, yet he was in position to be as flamboyant as he wanted to be back then, he had every darn right. Thirdly, Kip Winger once was a member of Alice Cooper’s band, making two albums with the legendary Alice Cooper. For this Metal fanatic, I think those 3 reasons are good enough for embarking on my purchasing this Kip Winger solo CD.

I definitely hear The Beatles, I especially hear the influence of George Harrison (guitar licks), on the tracks – “Where Will You Go” and “What We Are.” Let me just say that these are definitely my two favorites on this album. “Every Story Told” has an Electric Light Orchestra sound, especially at the beginning with the synthesizer sounds. “Nothing” has an almost Native American and Middle East vibe sound and feel, (I cannot decide which it really sounds like), the vocals at the beginning of this tune explains my comparisons better. “Nothing” is definitely the heaviest of the songs found on this album, it is very catchy and very cool with Kip Wingers vocals stealing the show on this one. “Ghosts” is a Classical/Symphonic masterpiece of a musical work. Yes, an instrumental is found on this Kip Winger solo album and it is Classical and Symphonic. Need not worry, the music on “Ghosts” is not sadness saturated, what I mean is – it is not sad sounding or fast forward worthy. This is obviously, music that means a lot to Kip Winger, I do not mind at all if a Classical/Symphonic tune appears on this CD, for heaven sake, the music of “Ghosts” is not going to bite me.

I have to honestly say that I really dig this Kip Winger solo album. “From The Moon To The Sun” is as complete and honest of a diverse Rock musical effort as you will ever find or hear. Overall, the vocals of Kip Winger are superb, he convinced me that he can change harmony without flaws and be truly dynamic with his range on these songs. The only song on this album that I need to have grow on me is “Pages And Pages,” for some silly reason or another I think this song eventually will. I recommend Kip Winger and his brilliant release “From The Moon To The Sun” to all Rock fans and especially Winger fans who just need to own all things music from Kip. I will say this again, Hard Rock fans and Metal fans who want to chill it down once in awhile, here is your opportunity – what better way to mellow out than to listen to a guy like Kip Winger,17314782 who has without doubt, carved out his place in Heavy Metal history.

Greatest Metal album of all time – list #4!

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412770Well, here I am, continuing my research and very own and personal Metal journey of deciding what the greatest Metal album of all time is. As with the past 3 lists that I have compiled, these lists are nominees only, in no particular order. Plus, a point I need to make is, it would be “fun” and “cool” to add every Metallica, every Led Zeppelin album ever released to these lists, wouldn’t it? I just cannot do that, for I need to keep “some” integrity flowing around here! There will be a few entries from respective Metal bands however, only due to their enormous impact on the evolution and culture of Heavy Metal. I should not be too far away from “finishing” these lists, I cannot wait to see what Metal album I choose as the greatest ever! Once I do make that illustrious and personal Metal decision, I will definitely detail the reasons for why I chose that particular Metal album, you bet. Without further delay, here are another 15 classic Metal albums that I nominate for greatest ever:

1.   Led Zeppelin – “ll”

2.   Led Zeppelin – “lV”

3.   Metallica – “Kill ‘Em All”

4.   Quiet Riot – “Metal Health”

5.   Venom – “Black Metal”

6.   Krokus – “Headhunter”

7.   Kiss – “Love Gun”

8.   Mercyful Fate – “Melissa”

9.   Rush – “Moving Pictures”

10. W.A.S.P. – “The Last Command”

11. Twisted Sister – “Under The Blade”

12. Twisted Sister – “Stay Hungy”

13. Accept – “Restless and Wild”

14. Alice Cooper – “Welcome To My Nightmare”

15. Ted Nugent – “Cat Scratch Fever”

I will continue on with the deliberations, I will keep all of you fellow Metalheads worldwide posted on this ongoing personal Metal journey towards the greatest Metal album of all time!

What is the greatest Metal album ever? Something to ponder…

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3117816Here we go, a “fun” exercise in Heavy Metal debate, one of the more controversial question’s in Metal music history. What Metal band made the greatest Metal album ever? I like to cut to the chase by having this debate as “all inclusive,” meaning every Metal genre get’s involved here. This without doubt, becomes a personal issue for most Metal fans, I can accept that for I take this topic very personal as well. I never like to get caught up with which genre of Metal is better, nor do I like to get childish and say Slipknot is better than… 

The age old question of what is the greatest Metal album ever has more of a historical importance to it. This is really an open ended question, for what merits the album to be the greatest anyway? Does the greatest Metal album have to be from the onset of Heavy Metal, say the late 1960’s – early 1970’s? Would this be due in part for the greatest Metal album would be the cornerstone and/or building block of the future of all Metal music? It is an obvious acceptance in the world of Metal music, that “hit” singles do not constitute any appreciation, applause or adulation amongst real Metal fans. Metal music, as a rule, is underground, dark, no hits needed please. The Heavy Metal and Hair Metal genres have garnered most of the “hit” singles for us, that is fine with me. My main point I am conveying here is it should not be necessary for the greatest Metal album ever to be loaded with radio friendly hit songs.

There are many ideas to consider when choosing the greatest Metal album ever, the list could actually be endless with criteria! Here are some questions that could be posed to this debate:

1. Is the album groundbreaking for it’s Metal genre?

2. Is the album representative of a sound that is fresh & new while still staying true to Metal?

3. Musically, is the album cutting edge? Is the album musically basic?

4. Does the greatest Metal album incorporate several Metal genres? Does it bestow influences of past Metal?

5. How memorable should this Metal album be? Quite memorable for me I am sure.

6. Is the greatest Metal album ever – created by a powerhouse/well known Metal band, or a more “fan favorite” underground Metal band? 

7. Just as I feel about the hit singles approach, I do not/never have given any credence to the sales figures or chart position of any of my favorite Metal albums, I leave that to the “Pop” & “bubble gum” music world thank you.

8. Is this greatest Metal album ever a concept album? Could it possibly be an EP?

9. Could the greatest Metal album ever be just instrumental? Partial vocals? 

10. Could the album cover have any influence on how a person feels about the music? I could not be swayed by the album art when making a decision on the greatest Metal album ever.

Well, it is all about preference when it really counts. Many Metal fans want their greatest Metal album to be the heaviest music there is out there, while other Metal fans may opt for history being made in the music, on this album. I really do not see any wrong or right way to judge, I feel it becomes far too personal a choice for me to truly make. This is why I have to chuckle when some music critic in the mainstream media comes up with a personal choice of the greatest Metal album of all time. A bigger chuckle for me is when a readers choice poll gets printed in a mainstream music magazine and it is the classic, cliche’ unveiling of a Metal album that is thrown down your throat – that this is the Metal album of the ages.

For those who feel I should be more adventurous and just say which Metal album is what I consider to be the greatest of all time, well, here are a few candidates I feel are worthy. Forgive me for not being able to say which album I deem as the all time greatest Metal masterpiece. I am guilty of loving all Metal and I am infatuated with too many Metal albums to nail it down to just one greatest. Here is my top ten list, not in any particular order, for nominees of the greatest Metal album of all time.

1. Metallica – “Master of Puppets”

2. Queensryche – “Operation Mindcrime”

3. Black Sabbath – “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”

4. Slipknot – “All Hope Is Gone”

5. Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Are You Experienced”

6. Led Zeppelin – “Physical Graffiti”

7. Slayer – “Reign In Blood”

8. Rush – “2112”

9. Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath”

10. Motorhead – “Ace of Spades”

In a perfect world, sure, I would pick one of these fine Metal albums above and bestow it as the greatest ever. I am certain my list of nominees are quite different than my fellow Metalhead fans out there, some may agree partially to my list. Tomorrow, for heaven sake, this list of mine could change in a heartbeat! That is how amazing Metal music is for me, I could honestly come up with another list of 10 nominees for greatest Metal album ever! Somewhere out in the world of Metal music, is the greatest Metal album ever recorded. It is definitely being listened to and enjoyed by an unknown number of Metalheads, at this moment you are reading this article. Rest assured, this list is not set in Metal stone for me, yet I do reflect back to these Metal releases each and every time that I ponder the greatest Metal album ever…

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