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Please Support The Frankie Banali Medical Fund

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Hi Headbangers,

As most of you know, Frankie Banali, drummer and manager of QUIET RIOT has been battling stage four pancreatic cancer for the last year. He is putting on a brave fight and punching cancer in the nose. However, with the spring and summer shows canceled or postponed because of the pandemic he now faces a struggle to cover the ever-mounting medical expenses. His friends Peter Beckett (of the band PLAYER) and his wonderful wife Eden started a go fund me to help raise funds for his battle. If you can chip in it would be greatly appreciated. We know this is a terrible time for everyone. If you are unable to, please share. Thank you and stay safe and healthy out there! 

The entire Banali, and Hands on Productions family

Go Fund Me:



QUIET RIOT – Frankie Banali Remembers Late Bassist Kenny Hillary

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Quiet Riot - band promo pic - 1993 - kenny hillary

Left to right: Carlos Cavazo, Kevin DuBrow, Kenny Hillary and Frankie Banali


Legendary classic member & drummer of QUIET RIOT, Frankie Banali, wrote on the QUIET RIOT Facebook, on June 5, 2013:




Quiet Riot - Terrified - 1993 - promo cover pic!



(Band Photo Credit: QUIET RIOT Facebook)

For more info on QUIET RIOT, click on the links below!

Facebook: Quiet Riot

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



Rest In Peace, Kenny Hillary.


QUIET RIOT – Frankie Banali Interview On Artisan News; 30th Anniversary Of ‘Metal Health’ & New Album News!

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QUIET RIOT – Artisan News recently caught up with legendary drummer and QUIET RIOT leader, Frankie Banali, getting the scoop on the 30th Anniversary of Metal Health and current band news. Check out the interview video footage below of Frankie Banali!

Metal Health, QUIET RIOT’s third studio album, was released back on March 11th, 1983. Metal Health was the first Heavy Metal album to achieve #1 status on the Billboard 200. This Rock and Heavy Metal historic album boasts three chart hits that helped shape the 80’s decade of arena and stadium pandemonium: Bang Your Head (Metal Health), Cum On Feel The Noize and Slick Black Cadillac.

The iconic Metal Health lineup: Kevin DuBrow (vocals), Carlos Cavazo (guitar & backing vocals), Rudy Sarzo – bass & synthesizer and Frankie Banali (drums & backing vocals).

To date, Metal Health has sold more than 10 million copies, 6 million copies in The United States alone.


QUIET RIOT continues to influence and entertain to this very day, with a diamond status lineup of (from left to right): vocalist Scott Vokoun, drummer Frankie Banali, guitarist Alex Grossi and long-time bassist Chuck Wright.


Stone Says: WHOA! News of a NEW studio album from QUIET RIOT in 2013 has put a smile on my semi-ugly face and a super jolt of positive energy in my Rock ‘N Metal soul! Metal be thy name.


Rest In Peace, Kevin DuBrow.

Rest In Peace, Randy Rhoads.



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QUIET RIOT – The first Heavy Metal band to land a #1 Heavy Metal Album on the Billboard 200, back in 1983, is still spreading their Metal legacy to… BANG YOUR HEAD! The band lineup may have seen its changes and tragedies over the years, only the dedication and determination of Frankie Banali and his 2012 bandmates have realized a Metal mission to keep the QUIET RIOT Metal flame burning strong.

Check out these QUIET RIOT 2012 tour dates below and if their in your area this year… go out and support them and… BANG YOUR HEAD!


QUIET RIOT – Current 2012 Tour Dates:

03/28/12 (Wed) – Scottsdale, AZ @ Westworld Scottsdale

04/14/12 (Sat) – Lyons, TX @ Carts Bikers And Babes

04/15/12 (Sun) – Chicago, IL @ Mayne Stage

04/20/12 ((Fri) – Boca Raton, FL @ Sunset Cove Amphitheater

04/21/12 (Sat) – Cape Coral, FL @ Legends Of Rock

05/11/12 (Fri) – Peterburg, VA @ Old Towne Civic Center

05/12/12 (Sat) – Columbia, MD @ M3 Rock Festival

06/23/12 (Sat) – Idaho Falls, ID @ Sandy Downes Race Track

09/08/12 (Sat) – Las Vegas, NV @ Sunset Station Casino



Frankie Banali – drums

Chuck Wright – bass

Alex Grossi – guitar

Scott Vokoun – vocals


(Source for tour dates: Official QUIET RIOT Website)

For more info on QUIET RIOT, click on the links below!



Quiet Riot “Rehab” – a Heavy Metal diamond in the rough

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8141414The late Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot has certainly left his mark on the world of Heavy Metal. In my opinion, just the album “Metal Health” alone is quite the Metal accomplishment. “Metal Health” (released in 1983), will forever have the distinction of being the very first Heavy Metal album to hit #1 on the album charts. Fast forward to October 31, 2006, Quiet Riot “Rehab” was released under the radar, so to speak. “Rehab” is a darn good hard rockin’ album, in my Metal opinion. You no longer hear the Hair Metal thumping of the 1980’s on this album, what I do hear, are quality written songs with quality musicianship. In summary, the music on “Rehab” is Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal.

I am not saying that “Rehab” is the greatest Metal album I have ever listened to, it is just a real decent album of songs that really rock, a well rounded album of songs. This is not what I expected, actually, for I thought that “Rehab” was going to be a Hair Metal trip down memory lane. I did get more than I anticipated, for all the tunes here are relatively longer than your usual straight-up Heavy Metal album. The shortest tune is “Blind Faith”, at 3 minutes and 23 seconds. The longest tune is “Evil Woman” at 8 minutes and 49 seconds. The musicians on “Rehab” are (of course) Kevin DuBrow on vocals and Frankie Banali on drums – with Glenn Hughes on bass and lead vocal duet on the tune “Evil Woman.” (No, this is not a cover song of The Electric Light Orchestra’s Classic Rock hit). Glenn Hughes also provides background vocals throughout “Rehab”, with Neil Citron on guitar and Tony Franklin on bass as well. “It Sucks To Be You”, (written by Kevin DuBrow), is the closest you are probably going to get in hearing the old school Hair Metal swagger vocals coming from Kevin DuBrow. Musically, the song is also the most reminiscent of 1980’s Heavy Metal from Quiet Riot too.

Overall, I find “Rehab” to be a sincere and serious approach in creating and delivering on some very cool Hard Rock/Heavy Metal from Quiet Riot. After each listen to “Rehab”, I cannot help but find myself wishing Kevin DuBrow did not pass away so young. Then again, Kevin DuBrow will live on forever in the music he helped to create, leaving Metal fans like myself enjoying what I consider to be one of the more unique vocals in Heavy Metal’s storied history. In my Metal opinion, “Rehab” is one heavy, mature, quality driven, class act effort for Quiet Riot to end their Metal legacy with.

Greatest Metal album of all time – list #4!

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412770Well, here I am, continuing my research and very own and personal Metal journey of deciding what the greatest Metal album of all time is. As with the past 3 lists that I have compiled, these lists are nominees only, in no particular order. Plus, a point I need to make is, it would be “fun” and “cool” to add every Metallica, every Led Zeppelin album ever released to these lists, wouldn’t it? I just cannot do that, for I need to keep “some” integrity flowing around here! There will be a few entries from respective Metal bands however, only due to their enormous impact on the evolution and culture of Heavy Metal. I should not be too far away from “finishing” these lists, I cannot wait to see what Metal album I choose as the greatest ever! Once I do make that illustrious and personal Metal decision, I will definitely detail the reasons for why I chose that particular Metal album, you bet. Without further delay, here are another 15 classic Metal albums that I nominate for greatest ever:

1.   Led Zeppelin – “ll”

2.   Led Zeppelin – “lV”

3.   Metallica – “Kill ‘Em All”

4.   Quiet Riot – “Metal Health”

5.   Venom – “Black Metal”

6.   Krokus – “Headhunter”

7.   Kiss – “Love Gun”

8.   Mercyful Fate – “Melissa”

9.   Rush – “Moving Pictures”

10. W.A.S.P. – “The Last Command”

11. Twisted Sister – “Under The Blade”

12. Twisted Sister – “Stay Hungy”

13. Accept – “Restless and Wild”

14. Alice Cooper – “Welcome To My Nightmare”

15. Ted Nugent – “Cat Scratch Fever”

I will continue on with the deliberations, I will keep all of you fellow Metalheads worldwide posted on this ongoing personal Metal journey towards the greatest Metal album of all time!

Celebrating 26 years of W.A.S.P. Heavy Metal!

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13560381Let’s go back to August of 1984. I was a senior in High School, having NOT the time of my life. Little did I know, that the debut album from W.A.S.P., aptly titled, “W.A.S.P.”, would be the beginning of one juggernaut of a Heavy Metal career for Blackie Lawless and his band! This initial offering from W.A.S.P. would become certifiable gold in the U.S.A., selling over 1 million copies of this historic vinyl worldwide! This debut gem would reach to #74 on the Billboard album chart. The original lineup for W.A.S.P. was Blackie Lawless (of course) on lead vocals and bass, Chris Holmes and Randy Piper on guitars and Tony Richards on drums. Drummer Steve Riley replaced Tony Richards shortly after the release of “W.A.S.P.”, and Blackie Lawless has never looked back since 1984.

For over 25 years, Blackie Lawless has assembled musicians to keep the W.A.S.P. band and brand of Heavy Metal as strong and powerful as any of his peer bands out there. Johnny Rod (from King Cobra fame), joined on with W.A.S.P. replacing guitarist Randy Piper, becoming the rhythm guitarist in time for the recording of “Inside The Electric Circus”. Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot fame) would join on as drummer for the “Headless Children” album, and also remained on for the albums “The Crimson Idol” and “Still Not Black Enough”. Mike Duda on bass and drummer Stet Howland on drums are also members of the W.A.S.P. family, playing an undeniably incredible Heavy Metal rhythm section on albums “K.F.D.” and “Helldorado”. In my humble METAL opinion, K.F.D. is by far, the heaviest W.A.S.P. album ever created, both musically and lyrically. It is difficult for me NOT to continue this article stating my admiration for each and every one of the W.A.S.P. albums and each W.A.S.P. musician ever. My intent is to not write a complete history on the music and musicians of W.A.S.P., rather, I wanted to point out highlights of this band that has entertained and satisfied my hunger for great Heavy Metal over the years.

Blackie Lawless gets an enormous METAL THANK YOU from me for providing the world of Heavy Metal with 18 albums (which includes studio, live & greatest hits albums). Plus, Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P., like so many of their peers, have withstood the “test of time”, stood up to the PMRC and stayed the course carrying and waving the Heavy Metal flag of freedom! Despite what political side of the aisle any Metalhead may be standing, it is my opinion that Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P. have engaged and broken down barriers with their lyrical content. W.A.S.P. has had their share of “good time party” songs over the years, yet there have been plenty of albums from W.A.S.P., (“The Crimson Idol, “Dominator”), that have made me think as well. 

For me, there has never been a better time to dig into the back catalog of W.A.S.P. albums. With all of the “crap” going on in the world today, (no explanation required for that remark), the muscular Heavy Metal music coupled with the “feel good” and “thought provoking” lyrics from Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P. are all the escape this Metalhead needs to filter out the sensational junk & white noise from the 24 hour news networks. I have Blackie Lawless on my permanent list of Heavy Metal Hero’s, right alongside Dee Snider.

I also want to thank my “Best Heavy Metal Buddy” in the world for introducing me to W.A.S.P. so many years ago. To this day, we are still giddy about the music and lyrics that Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P. have provided, it seems not a week goes by where we do not talk about this amazing Heavy Metal band. W.A.S.P. fans do not grow up, we persevere.

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