Quiet Riot “Rehab” – a Heavy Metal diamond in the rough

8141414The late Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot has certainly left his mark on the world of Heavy Metal. In my opinion, just the album “Metal Health” alone is quite the Metal accomplishment. “Metal Health” (released in 1983), will forever have the distinction of being the very first Heavy Metal album to hit #1 on the album charts. Fast forward to October 31, 2006, Quiet Riot “Rehab” was released under the radar, so to speak. “Rehab” is a darn good hard rockin’ album, in my Metal opinion. You no longer hear the Hair Metal thumping of the 1980’s on this album, what I do hear, are quality written songs with quality musicianship. In summary, the music on “Rehab” is Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal.

I am not saying that “Rehab” is the greatest Metal album I have ever listened to, it is just a real decent album of songs that really rock, a well rounded album of songs. This is not what I expected, actually, for I thought that “Rehab” was going to be a Hair Metal trip down memory lane. I did get more than I anticipated, for all the tunes here are relatively longer than your usual straight-up Heavy Metal album. The shortest tune is “Blind Faith”, at 3 minutes and 23 seconds. The longest tune is “Evil Woman” at 8 minutes and 49 seconds. The musicians on “Rehab” are (of course) Kevin DuBrow on vocals and Frankie Banali on drums – with Glenn Hughes on bass and lead vocal duet on the tune “Evil Woman.” (No, this is not a cover song of The Electric Light Orchestra’s Classic Rock hit). Glenn Hughes also provides background vocals throughout “Rehab”, with Neil Citron on guitar and Tony Franklin on bass as well. “It Sucks To Be You”, (written by Kevin DuBrow), is the closest you are probably going to get in hearing the old school Hair Metal swagger vocals coming from Kevin DuBrow. Musically, the song is also the most reminiscent of 1980’s Heavy Metal from Quiet Riot too.

Overall, I find “Rehab” to be a sincere and serious approach in creating and delivering on some very cool Hard Rock/Heavy Metal from Quiet Riot. After each listen to “Rehab”, I cannot help but find myself wishing Kevin DuBrow did not pass away so young. Then again, Kevin DuBrow will live on forever in the music he helped to create, leaving Metal fans like myself enjoying what I consider to be one of the more unique vocals in Heavy Metal’s storied history. In my Metal opinion, “Rehab” is one heavy, mature, quality driven, class act effort for Quiet Riot to end their Metal legacy with.

One Response to “Quiet Riot “Rehab” – a Heavy Metal diamond in the rough”

  1. loved the first two QUIET RIOT records.

    well I am not talking about the “real” FIRST (with Randy R. on GTR).

    yes, the RIOT boys were the first to debut at #1 with a bonafide
    H E A V Y * M E T A L record.

    Peep this:


    Show was great.

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