Over Kill “The Years Of Decay” – A Thrash Metal album to behold

488378“If it is old school Thrash Metal you are looking for, you have definitely found it! Over Kill does not disappoint, each song is as heavy as the next, TRUE Thrash Metal. This is as great a start as you can get if you are beginning an Over Kill music collection. Over Kill throughout the years have been steadfast and loyal to the Thrash Metal sound and genre, comparing “The Years Of Decay” to their other albums is non sensical, for I admire the entire catalog of albums from this band. “The Years Of Decay” in my opinion, stands out from the vast Thrash Metal album crowd, since it’s release in 1989. For an album that is now twenty plus years old, this brand of Thrash Metal from Over Kill is still Earth shattering, in my Metal opinion. Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth on vocals and D.D. Verni on bass deserve all the accolades. Bobby Gustafson on guitar and “Sid” Falck on drums are both tremendous players on this album as well. I really recommend “The Years Of Decay” to all Metal and Thrash Metal fans alike. New Over Kill fans cannot pass over this heavy hitter.

3 Responses to “Over Kill “The Years Of Decay” – A Thrash Metal album to behold”

  1. This is pretty much the last album by them that I can listen to. I preferred Gustafson’s riffing to all those who followed after him. Plus with no Rat Skates in the band I was really losing interest.

    But I think I respect OverKill more than just about any other metal band out there. Those guys have flown the flag for metal as hard as just about anyone.

  2. metalodyssey Says:

    You are right on – I hold such a strong allegiance to Over Kill due to ‘Blitz’ and D.D. – those two guys are the Metal glue that has held Over Kill together this long. (“Necroshine” is flipping great, that album is unreal) Plus, they raged along during the ’90’s when so called critics said Metal was gone. I did get to see these guys, back in the day, they opened for Motorhead and… Slayer. (one of the best/craziest shows I ever saw)

    Metal 4 life – Stone

  3. One of my all time fave Thrash bands, LOVE OVERKILL, so underrated.

    Sean, you are missing out on some great post Gustafson albums, like Killbox 13 & the latest Ironbound.

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