Please Support The Frankie Banali Medical Fund

Hi Headbangers,

As most of you know, Frankie Banali, drummer and manager of QUIET RIOT has been battling stage four pancreatic cancer for the last year. He is putting on a brave fight and punching cancer in the nose. However, with the spring and summer shows canceled or postponed because of the pandemic he now faces a struggle to cover the ever-mounting medical expenses. His friends Peter Beckett (of the band PLAYER) and his wonderful wife Eden started a go fund me to help raise funds for his battle. If you can chip in it would be greatly appreciated. We know this is a terrible time for everyone. If you are unable to, please share. Thank you and stay safe and healthy out there! 

The entire Banali, and Hands on Productions family

Go Fund Me:



5 Responses to “Please Support The Frankie Banali Medical Fund”

  1. Such a bummer. Feel better Frankie.

  2. Shame you have to pay for this sort of stuff directly in the US.

    • Yup. Our Democrat and Socialist partys are trying to get universal or single payer healthcare for the people. It sucks because people lose their houses and life savings due to medical bills. The hospitals here are ruthless about getting paid. Hospitals are only about making money here… other than that they can care less. Don’t be fooled by the news showing the doctors and nurses really caring for the Coronavirus patients… they all only care about their paychecks. Sad.

      • Here in the UK you don’t pay for hospital directly.
        Bit of taxes all the way through your life, but once you get to hospital its free at the point of use.
        And the doctors and nurses actually care. Largely underpaid, but doing it for the love of it.

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