SEBASTIAN BACH – Kicking & Screaming: Heavy Metal Hallelujah! This Album ROCKS!

Sebastian Bach Kicking & Screaming – I love those cherished moments when a Rock N’ Roll hero is reborn. In the Metal case of Sebastian Bach, a Heavy Metal hero is reborn. The second solo album from Sebastian Bach, Kicking & Screaming, is to be released on September 23rd, 2011 via Frontiers Records. Better mark your Metal calendar for this one… cause it’s a blazing trip of melodic and dark edged Heavy Metal that kicks more ass than a pissed-off parochial school nun on steroids. Welcome back Sebastian, even if you never left the damn building after all!

If the title track Kicking & Screaming doesn’t knock your brains around in a whirlwind of Heavy Metal euphoria, then My Own Worst Enemy is gonna drop a flyin’ and Heavy Rockin’ elbow upon your Heavy Metal starved cranium. This album never seems to hold back a damn ounce of psyched-out fuel, making the high-octane experience, of listening to an entire Heavy Metal album once again… very much in vogue. Sebastian Bach can also take a Metal bow and know that he is once again, without a doubt from this Metalhead, one of our genre’s finest vocalists. His voice is a musical instrument, one which carries Kicking & Screaming to it’s profound psyche-out-nation heights.

Sebastian can snarl and scream with the very best of ’em, while also singing harmoniously through melodic and heavy Rockers: Caught In A DreamAs Long As I Got The Music and I’m Alive. If not for this being 2011, these three songs would be FM radio favorites and hit singles chart toppers. All the hot gals in their cougar spandex shall dance in the streets once again and shake their foundations! Sebastian Bach has brought back that damn fever of Arena Heavy Metal being a dominant force in the air once again! Metal be thy name and ring that F’n Metal bell… cause Sebastian Bach has told all the poser Rock and bubble gum Pop to go straight to hell!

Yes, Sebastian brings on the hard & heavy and with authority on Dirty Power. This song has the guitar muscle and rhythmic speed of a runaway Harley, being commandeered by the mighty vocals of Sebastian as it rips and erupts with what I consider Heavy Metal splendor. Nick Sterling never seems to give his guitar or bass a breather throughout this album of pumped-up Heavy Rockin’ ecstasy. Nick can shred. Nick can play. ‘Nuff said. The only breather for Nick on guitar is when John 5 steps in to lend his legendary licks on Tunnelvision. I’ll say that this song is so good it’s damn scary. A Heavy Metal song to get your head bangin’ and fists pumpin’ into the air… while Sebastian is screaming and crooning his Metal lovin’ heart out.

Bobby Jarzombek on drums is spot-on and such an insane listen. Sebastian Bach is complimented perfectly by Bobby’s drumming, bringing back those days when Heavy Metal wasn’t focused on blast beats and psychotic speed in order to sound bad-ass. Kicking & Screaming is bad-ass. Okay, is there a moment that is mellow on this album? Yes and it’s called Dream Forever. An up-tempo ballad that has me blushing cause I like the damn melody. Metal be thy name I’m becoming a ballad freak in my near golden years. Call them hot girls over wearing them cougar spandex… cause I want to see them all cry while they listen to Dream Forever.

Tell all the people who you see… Sebastian Bach has super revived a sound that once was thought to be extinct during the 90’s and has injected more modern-day relevance into his Metal than you could ever imagine. Play One Good Reason extremely loud and then give me one good reason as to why Kicking & Screaming is not a shining moment for Heavy Metal in 2011. Sebastian Bach’s second solo album has all the ingredients for my bellowing: must buy and crank it up insanely loud all you Metalhead mutha’s!

Now… I just have to convince my wife to dig out her ol’ cougar spandex… rrrrraaaawwwrrrrr

Sebastian Bach – Kicking & Screaming:

Sebastian Bach – All Vocals & Cowbell

Nick Sterling – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Guitar & Bass

Bobby Jarzombek – Drums

* John 5 – Guitars on: Tunnelvision

* Produced by Bob Marlette

* Album Cover Created by Artist Richard Villa

Kicking & Screaming – Track Listing:

Kicking & Screaming

My Own Worst Enemy


Dance On Your Grave

Caught In A Dream

As Long As I Got The Music

I’m Alive

Dirty Power

Live The Life

Dream Forever

One Good Reason

Lost In The Light


Bonus Tracks:

Jumpin’ Off The Wagon (available only on the physical CD/DVD edition)

Ain’t There Yet – (iTunes exclusive)

* For more info on SEBASTIAN BACH, click on the links below:

SEBASTIAN BACH – Official Website




8 Responses to “SEBASTIAN BACH – Kicking & Screaming: Heavy Metal Hallelujah! This Album ROCKS!”

  1. This sounds like its worth a listen. I remember him with Skid Row of course and you’re right. He can rock with the best of them

    • metalodyssey Says:

      “Kicking & Screaming” is absolutely, positively, without a Metal doubt in my Metal mind… WORTH picking up! Honestly… one of the BEST Heavy Metal albums of 2011. \m/

      I know you will dig this new Sebastian Bach, 80’s Metalman. 😉

  2. Will definetly be picking this album up, Kicking and screaming is an awesome track and if this review is accurate in the least the rest of the album sounds like it will kick my fucking ass. Metal lives!!!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I hope you like the whole album Jeff! Man, Sebastian has brought back some “power” that my ears pick up, power that I just equate to his roots. Unreal. \m/

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