ARCANE MALEVOLENCE – Wicked Turn Of the Vine: An Underground and Progressively Extreme, Death Metal Delicacy

ARCANE MALEVOLENCE – Yes, Extreme Metal is the cup of Metal tea for Connecticut’s Arcane Malevolence and they aren’t about to be pigeonholed into any particular Extreme sub-genre anytime soon. You see, what I’ve heard after several near hallucinatory listens of Wicked Turn of the Vine is an Extreme Metal bag of tricks that equates to one damn terrific Extreme delicacy upon my eardrums. This diy Metal militia is making some hefty noize in the Nutmeg State, so be prepared and have your survival shelter stocked and ready.

What exactly does Arcane Malevolence sound like? Imagine this, for a Metal second my fine Extreme Metal buddies out there… take a pissed off underground vibe and combine it with some Extreme, Blackened, Death Metal grooves, then add some Extreme Metal boogie and ballistic vocals, with some legendary MACABRE influence for good Metal measure. This all sounds Progressively Extreme, doesn’t it?

No, there is no nursery rhyme spoofing going on with Wicked Turn of the Vine, just a blend of Metal extremities that flexes a Murder Metal muscle or two. Where some Extreme Metal bands take their heaviness to a blueprint level of seriousness, leaving no room for experimentation, it’s Arcane Malevolence that seems to enjoy their fondness for Extreme musical exploration. I can’t imagine this band not having fun recording this album and playing live. Even with a vibe of letting it loose, the evilness of this bands lyrics and atmosphere comes across quite nicely throughout this album.

All the key Extreme Metal ingredients are heard on Wicked Turn of the Vine, in nailing down the clear Metal fact that my brain and ears have taken quite the Extreme wallop from Arcane Malevolence. There is never a boring twist or turn in the arrangements of the songs on this album, with plenty of tempo shifts and vocals that change like an extreme chameleon. There are times when Wicked Turn of the Vine sounds dastardly doomy and borderline stoner-psychedelic on guitar parts and this is the Metal personality of Arcane Malevolence, never really knowing what lurks around the corner is not such a terrible thing in Metal.

I’m impressed by the interchanging melodies and super speedy rhythm section of this band as well. Taking in Arcane Malevolence is like putting my ears up to an Extremely Progressive Metal kaleidoscope of sound. Wicked Turn of the Vine is equivalent to that horror movie you must watch again and again, just to take it all in. This is an album that can serve as both a Metal companion to Armageddon and that long drive to the dreaded in-laws, either way their both the same. Or to curb your underground Metal longing, you can choose to have Wicked Turn of the Vine as your Extreme Metal dietary supplement of choice, one that is a surefire means to serve you right… as it did for me.

Hey… this Wicked Turn of the Vine review is over. I said it’s over. Now go out and get your ears scorched by some Arcane Malevolence, buy their CD (or download from iTunes) and show some damn couth. Metal be thy name.


Chris Baldwin – vocals

Mike Devaney – guitar, vocals

Johnny Pluckman – bass

Chris Anderson – drums

Wicked Turn of the Vine – Track Listing:

Of Biblical Proportions


Flesh Explosion

Infernal Phantasm

Bloodlust Psychosis

Wicked Turn of the Vine

I Am the Emperor’s Jester

* For more info on ARCANE MALEVOLENCE, click on the links below:


ARCANE MALEVOLENCE – Official facebook



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