MANOWAR – Battle Hymns Tour November 2011

The above MANOWAR tour poster says it all!

* For more info on MANOWAR, click on the link below:

MANOWAR – Official Website



4 Responses to “MANOWAR – Battle Hymns Tour November 2011”

  1. I wish I could go to one of these. In spite of Kerrang calling them one, I never considered Man O War to be a joke band.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Whoa… Kerrang once called Manowar a “joke band”? That is just unfathomable to me. Whoa again. I’m with you… Manowar is no joke when it comes to Metal \m/

      • I remember the quote very well. It was in an August 1986 issue reviewing the Donnington Festival. Kerrang had just reviewed the performance by Bad News and the review ended and I quote: “If they wanted to have a joke band, why didn’t they just get Man O War?”
        Still peed off about it after 25 years

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          That Kerrang magazine quote just makes absolutely no sense to me! MANOWAR is the farthest thing from being a “joke band”. Obviously, the writer never listened to any MANOWAR albums up to that point in time. Unreal.

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