13 – Metal You Must Hear, A Heavy Hittin’ Band You Must Know About!

Back in 2011, the Metal & New American Rock band known as 13 pulled up their Mid-West Rockin’ roots in Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan… and headed out to L.A. where they are continuing on their contagious brand of Heavy Music noize! Strap yourself in and be prepared to see and read more about 13 in the coming months, right here on Metal Odyssey!

13 – Are they Metal? Is this band 13 original? Are they pissed off at the status quo? Do they instill the fire and talent necessary to cause a stir within the world of Heavy Music? Are their songs worthy of playing at maximum volume? Have they recruited throngs of fans, from biker rallies to festivals and world-famous clubs? Has this band shared the stage with many of Rock and Heavy Metal’s greatest names? The Metal answer is YES to all of the previous questions regarding 13.

13 is their name and playing ear stompin’, beer swillin’, knuckle crunchin’, American-made, blue-collar Metal is their game. 13 is ready to seize 2012 and call it their own, currently working on new songs, playing live at L.A.’s the Whiskey A Go Go with Ana Kefr, along with photo and video shoots on their current and busy schedule.

13 is a Heavy Music band on the rise and my best advice to you is this: either join ’em or get out of their way… cause 13 is on a Metal mission to create and play some credible, kick-ass and Heavy Hittin’ Rock ‘N Roll \m/

Yes, I really, really dig the Heavy Crunch of sound that 13 delivers. I’ve chosen two of my favorite songs from this raucous band for your listening enjoyment. Check out these two songs from 13 below! Play ’em LOUD and spread the Metal word: 13 is a Metal Band you must hear and know about!



13 have shared the stage with: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Alice In Chains, Mother Love Bone, Kansas, Cheap Trick, Foghat, Yngwie Malmsteen, ACCEPT, Lynch Mob, Monster Magnet, Nuclear Assault, Murder Dolls, Vince Neil, Blue Oyster Cult, Pennywise and GWAR… to name a many few!


BOBBY K – drums & vocals

ZAK – vocals

SNARL – guitar & vocals

SIN – bass & vocals

* For more info on 13, click on the link below:




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