ROCKLAHOMA 2012 – Bands Listed! A Few Metal Thoughts…

I guess the above poster says it all. Big name bands. Up and coming bands too. It’s cool that the promoters of Rocklahoma want to “mix things up” with a wide representation of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. From what I’m seeing looking at this Rocklahoma lineup, there is something for just about every Heavy Music fan, both young and (gulp) old. No Death or Black Metal bands on this Rocklahoma bill though, what a shame.

ANTI-MORTEM is a Heavy Hittin’ and Hard Rockin’ band from Oklahoma that kicks some very serious ass. Very serious ass they kick. I’m not one for whining about whose band name is bigger on any F’n festival poster, yet MEGADETH should have their name up at the top. I imagine the same can be said for SLASH and QUEENSRYCHE too. Metal be thy name.


For more info on ROCKLAHOMA, click on the links below:



2 Responses to “ROCKLAHOMA 2012 – Bands Listed! A Few Metal Thoughts…”

  1. Totally agree about the billing, Stone. Weird. But I guess its down to perceptions. I’d certainly have Megadeth, Slash and Queensryche up there. I don’t know who Chevelle are, but I’d put the Darkness above ’em, certainly from my ‘brit’ perspective! 🙂
    I see Rival Sons are on the bill – I quite like their stuff, they followed us into The Rock Cafe in Tallinn, Estonia in November of last year.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Kev, you are more than allowed to put The Darkness above Chevelle. It’s all about record (oops) I mean CD sales. Those bands who get more radio airplay too, seem to get the bigger name on this particular festival poster.

      Volbeat is one amazing band! Whoa! I have to see them live eventually.

      Then again, that’s my crazy Metal opinion! 😮

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