SEIZURE CRYPT – Psycho NYC Crossover Crew Self-Release New Album

Full Album Streaming At Seizure Crypt’s Bandcamp Page!

Queens, NYC-based Crossover commandos SEIZURE CRYPT have recently released their latest full-length, You’ve Been Had!, the band’s fourth self-released full-length since their 2004 inception.

SEIZURE CRYPT‘s D.I.Y. ethos and diehard self-promotion has done them well over the years, the band having played over 100 self-booked shows and having received hundreds of reviews from international media on their own. Their rambunctious live shows always involve costumes, combat and quite a bit of property destruction by the band’s dueling vocalists. The newest addition to the band’s ever-expanding discography, You’ve Been Had! rages with a dozen new tracks in under twenty-six minutes, which attempt to harness their most off-kilter, high-octane brew of Punk, Hardcore, Speed Metal and utter lunacy at its most energetic yet. After posting the album for sale digitally in March of this year, SEIZURE CRYPT have just recently pressed You’ve Been Had! onto CD, once again and as always making it available via their own 316 Productions.

Stream the whole goddamn album at SEIZURE CRYPT’s Bandcamp page RIGHT HERE.

Stay tuned as SEIZURE CRYPT announce their next round of regional gigs throughout the Summer and onward.

You’ve Been Had! Track Listing:

01. Supernatural Intro

02. Bigger Than Politics

03. Spastic Summer

04. One Way

05. Don’t Blink

06. M.I.K.Y. (Medical Industry Killing You)

07. Dark Black and Blue

08. Born And Bred

09. Seizure Crypt vs. The Devil

10. Chompin’ At The Bit

11. Six Loose Ends

12. Not For Everyone


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on SEIZURE CRYPT, click on the links below!



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