ZOMBIEFICATION – New EP Streaming In Its Entirety At Apoch’s Metal Review

In a sinister collaboration with Apoch’s Metal Review, Reaper’s Consecration, the latest EP from Mexican corpse-walkers ZOMBIEFICATION, is currently streaming in its entirety at THIS LOCATION through Sunday. Smell the carrion, if you dare! 

Having risen from the grave in 2009 following the release of their debut, Midnight Stench, ZOMBIEFICATION wasted no time in concocting a venomous brew that makes up Reaper’s Consecration. Scheduled for a North American takeover via Pulverised Records on August 14, 2012, the EP was mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studios (Watain, Interment, Demonical, etc.) in Sweden and features artwork/layout direction by ZOMBIEFICATION throat Mr. Hitch. Reaper’s Consecration spews five tracks of somber Swedified riffage and a fetid, old-school Death Metal soul; a ghoulishly appetizing platter of filth for true worshippers of the undead!



“If the imminent threat of the Reaper, the stench of death, dismemberment and zombies are your thing (and what’s not to love on that list?), then give Reaper’s Consecration a listen.” – Angry Metal Guy

“The production is deep and powerful, the guitars and bass have that good ol’ Sunlight Studios sound nailed down pat, and even ZOMBIEFICATION vocalist Mr. Hitch is a dead ringer for Nicke Andersson’s vocal performance on Clandestine. – About.com

“Pick up Reaper’s Consecration to hear just how death metal should be done.” – Pure Grain Audio

“With the disappearance of the mighty Dismember, it’s pleasant to come across a band like this, who does something comparable, with an eye for detail, unbound enthusiasm and a great production!”– Ave Noctum

“…a great five-track representation of some of the finest Swedeath worshiping in the Americas (which also goes to show that Pulverised Records has some awesome taste).” — Skull Fracturing Metal

“a crushing blow of intense death metal… showcasing five deathly songs of cataclysmic quality.” — Metal Odyssey


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on ZOMBIEFICATION, click on the links below!





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