VISION DIVINE – To Release New Studio Album “Destination Set To Nowhere” This Fall

Progressive Power Metal voyagers VISION DIVINE, the band founded by guitarist/songwriter Olaf Thorsen (Labyrinth) and singer Fabio Lione (known for his work in Rhapsody, Rhapsody Of Fire and most recently for having served as lead vocalist with Kamelot during their Poetry For The Poisoned tour) announce the release of their new studio album, Destination Set To Nowhere. Set to drop in North America on September 18, 2012 via Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records, the band’s seventh full-length offers up a melting pot of Epic Metal anthems with a futuristic twist.

Featuring 11 tracks, the saga follows a man’s journey through outer space. He, along with other like-minded individuals, fled the earth out of social-political frustration. Together they eventually locate a new planet to inhabit where they could truly live out their visions of peace. Slowly though, they revert to the same ideologies they meant to leave behind. The only escape is to set out again, one man leaving alone: destination set to nowhere.

Comments Olaf Thorsen of the offering: “We are sure this album will finally give us the chance to show all of our potential; we worked hard on it in order to give the best possible album. In the end, we went even beyond our expectations thanks to the excitement and the good vibes we got from starting this adventure.”


Destination Set To Nowhere Track Listing:

1. S´io fosse foco

2. The Dream Maker

3. Beyond The Sun And Far Away

4. The Ark

5. Mermaids From Their Moons

6. The Lighthouse

7. Message To Home

8. The House Of The Angels

9. The Sin Is You

10. Here We Die

11. Destination Set To Nowhere


Fabio Lione – Vocals

Olaf Thorsen – Guitars

Federico Puleri – Guitars

Alessio Lucatti – Keyboards, Piano

Andrea “Tower” Torricini – Bass

Alessandro Bissa – Drums


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on VISION DIVINE, click on the links below!



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