DORO “Raise Your Fist” – Heavy Metal Queen’s New Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

DORO – Releasing on November 6th, via Nuclear Blast, the 12th studio album from the legendary DORO shall be released upon the Heavy Metal masses. Raise Your Fist is the new album and fans of DORO will be guaranteed to raise their fists to what they’ll be listening to… on high volume! The Queen Of Heavy Metal has never wavered in her pride of keeping the tradition of Heavy Metal alive and loud with her albums; Raise Your Fist is no exception!

From Raise Your Fist In The Air to Victory, the Heavy Metal thunder of DORO is unmistakably a listen into a world of Heavy Metal that is both triumphant and so real to us fans; the fans who’ve earned their loyalty to Metal badges decades ago or this very year. It Still Hurts is a ballad with the iconic Lemmy Kilmister and is the one moment on this album that pulls the plug on the psyche-you-out meter. Regardless, I do respect this song and having Doro Pesch and Lemmy sing a duet together is a grand historical Heavy Metal moment to treasure.

Raise Your Fist In The Air is my #1 choice for Metal Odyssey’s Heavy Metal Anthem Of 2012. Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing) is as outstanding of a song from DORO as there can be and legendary axe slinger Gus G. guests with his signature six-string fire power. As for the band, I applaud each and every member of DORO. These guys have proven their Heavy Metal prowess time and again during their respective careers and are exemplary once again on Raise Your Fist.

Engel and Freiheit (Human Rights) are sung by Doro Pesch in her native German and they’re shining Heavy Metal moments on this album; despite my not knowing a word of German myself! The vibes, mood, atmosphere and emotion that resonates from Engel and Freiheit (Human Rights) are more than enough to make this middle-aged Metalhead gleefully content.

Hero is the song that ends Raise Your Fist. Hero is also a song that brings tears to my eyes and softens my Metal heart like there’s no tomorrow. I broke down when I first heard this song and I still kinda do each time it’s played. This is a song that Doro Pesch has written and dedicated to the late and forever great Ronnie James Dio. Hero is brilliant lyrically and musically, I couldn’t be more truthful by stating this.

Doro Pesch is a vocalist and songwriter that has touched the Metal hearts and souls of her countless fans for decades. She is our Heavy Metal Queen. Both Doro Pesch and her band receive a well deserved standing Metal ovation from this fan, for their Heavy Metal creation that’s called Raise Your Fist. Metal be thy name.


Raise Your Fist In The Air

Coldhearted Lover

Rock Till Death

It Still Hurts – featuring Lemmy Kilmister

Take No Prisoner

Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing) – featuring Gus G.


Freiheit (Human Rights)

Little Headbanger (Nackenbrecher)


Free My Heart




Doro Pesch – (ex-Warlock, ex-Beast) Vocals

Johnny Dee (Britny Fox) – Drums

Luca Princiotta (ex-Blaze, ex-The Clairvoyants) – Guitar, Keyboards

Nick Douglas (Blaze Bayley) – Bass

Bas Maas (ex-After Forever, ex-Karma) – Guitars


Album artwork created by British artist and longtime collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie.

For more info on DORO, click on the links below!



2 Responses to “DORO “Raise Your Fist” – Heavy Metal Queen’s New Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!”

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  2. […] DORO “Raise Your Fist” – Heavy Metal Queen’s New Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! […]

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