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DORO “Raise Your Fist – 30 Years Anniversary Edition” Double CD To Be Released Via Nuclear Blast

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Doro - Raise Your Fist - 30 Years Anniversary Edition - promo cover - 2014

From Nuclear Blast:

DORO – In honor of her 30 years stage jubilee, internationally successful Rock singer DORO PESCH will celebrate with fans from all over the world and two separate yet unique shows on May 02: the Classic Night with Orchestra, and May 03: the Rock Night with many guests, at CCD Stadthalle of her hometown Düsseldorf.

Just in time for the celebration, there will be an anniversary record of the Rock Queen. The Raise Your Fist – 30 Years Anniversary Edition contains the re-release of the successful Raise Your Fist record, as well as a real bonus CD highlight entitled Powerful Passionate Favorites. There you’ll find new and unreleased tracks, along with DORO cover versions of her favorite artists, such as LED ZEPPELIN, TINA TURNER, METALLCA and DIO.

Another highlight is the French version of her hit Raise Your Fist In The Air, as well as a new mix of It Still Hurts, a duet along with MOTÖRHEAD icon Lemmy Kilmister.

DORO comments: Raise Your Fist is a real jewel among my releases, with constantly great tracks on it.”

DORO - two special anniversary shows - 30 years - 2014 - promo banner

The bonus CD Powerful Passionate Favorites now adds another diamond to her outstanding career. Here comes the track list:

01. It Still Hurts

The ballad of Doro and Lemmy, with a new mix from Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT a.o.).

02. Lève Ton Poing Vers Le Ciel

The french version of the single ‘Raise Your Fist In The Air’.

03. Babe I´m Gonna Leave You

DORO’s cover version of the LED ZEPPELIN classic.

04. Nutbush City Limits 

DORO’s cover version of the TINA TURNER classic.

05. Only You

New version of the track, which was written by Gene Simmons (KISS) in the year 1990 for DORO.

06. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

Cover-version of her favorite Ronnie James DIO song, the true hero of Doro.

07. Nothing Else Matters

DORO’s cover version of the most popular METALLICA classic.

08. Warfare

New song, which will be featured alongside the movie “Anuk 2”, where Doro again acts as the warrior Meha.

09. NYC Blues

Home-recorded demo-version of a new track, recently recorded at Doro’s apartment in New York.

Doro - promo banner - #50 - 2013

* For more info on DORO:

Facebook: DORO



Nuclear Blast USA - large logo!!

USA Website:

Europe Website:

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DORO – To Play In Peru For First Time, On March 4th!

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DORO - Group Promo Pic - Norway - 2012 - #2!

As reported on the DORO Facebook page:

We’re very excited to play in Peru for the first time ever! March 4 in Lima! \m/

Doro - promo banner - #50 - 2013



Doro Pesch – Vocals

Johnny Dee – Drums

Luca Princiotta – Guitar, Keyboards

Nick Douglas – Bass

Bas Maas – Guitars


* For more info on DORO:





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DORO – Reigning Metal Queen Launches Signature Champagne & Wine

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Doro Pesch - Doro Wine - Promo Pic - 2013

Legendary Metal maven, DORO PESCH, has joined the ranks of the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Motörhead, and Slayer in the bottled liquid category and proudly presents two very special rock ‘n’ roll drinks: DORO Hero Cava Brut Reserva Champagne and Herzblut [Lifeblood] Vino Tinto Red Wine.

“It was my wish for my 30-year stage anniversary – which I will be celebrating on May 2nd and 3rd, 2014 in my hometown of Düsseldorf [Germany] – to present unique drinks to the fans that represent my own taste and quality standard,” comments DORO.  “We went to a great old wine region in Spain to pick the right product for me and I discovered a very fine red wine there.”

View Metal & Wine’s eight-minute “making-of” video of these two very special and commemorative drinks at THIS LOCATION.

“Hero” is a track off of DORO’s 2012 album, Raise Your Fist, which was dedicated to one of the all-time greatest vocalists in rock and metal, Ronnie James Dio. “Herzblut [Lifeblood]” was released as a single in 2009. The Herzblut EP contains German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese versions of the song.

Doro - 30 years strong and proud - large logo - 2013

DORO’s 30 Years Strong And Proud Tour launches next year. Her career in music spans three decades, sixteen studio albums, eleven EPs, countless tours, a worldwide fanbase, and even includes various movie roles. This year, she was the recipient of the Metal Hammer Award in Berlin and the Golden Gods Award in London – both in the “Legend” category.

The two-night live concert party in May 2014 celebrating DORO‘s multi-decade career already includes the participation of Blind Guardian, Mille Petrozza of Kreator, and Udo Dirkschneider of U.D.O./ex-Accept. “I have the most awesome friends and colleagues,” DORO shares with a wide smile.

Raise Your Fist – which features musical guests Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead and Ozzy/Firewind guitarist Gus G. – debuted at #65 on the American Billboard Heatseekers chart in November of last year and can be purchased from the Nuclear Blast Webshop.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on DORO:

Metal And Wine Website:

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DORO – 30th Anniversary Tour – October/December 2013

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Doro - 30th Anniversary Tour - 2013 - Fall - Winter - promo flyer

DORO – The Queen Of Heavy Metal will be continuing her 30th Anniversary Tour into October and December of this year! Doro Pesch and her band will have (mostly) tour dates in her home country of Germany, (see tour flyer above), making for a perfect Heavy Metal homecoming! Metal be thy name!


For more info on DORO, click on links below! Whoa!

Facebook: DORO

Doro and Stone - Feb. 9 - 2013




DORO PESCH – Happy Metal Birthday From Metal Odyssey! Whoa!

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Doro - Publicity Photo - 2012 - #1!

DORO PESCH – Today is June 3rd, 2013. Today is also the birthday of the ultra legendary Doro Pesch! Metal be thy name! Doro was born on June 3rd, 1964; and the rest is Heavy Metal history for our Queen Of Heavy Metal! So, without further delay, myself and everyone here at Metal Odyssey cheers:









DORO - Publicity Pic - Raise Your Fist - 2012 - #6

If y’all would like to read about my incredible time seeing DORO in concert this past February 9th, then click that cool link below! It was my Metal dream come true! Whoa!

Metal Buddy Rob Rockitt (of Hard Rock Hideout fame) was kind enough to welcome me into the grand state of Ohio, with a night out in Columbus at Ace Of Cups; the venue where DORO had us all… raising our fists in the air!!

DORO – Meeting Doro Pesch Was My Metal Dream Come True: Columbus Ohio, Ace Of Cups, February 9th, 2013

The above link is for a post featured on Metal Odyssey, on February 15, 2013.

Doro - Ace Of Cups - promo flyer - february - 2013


DORO - Raise Your Fist - Large Promo Cover Pic!!

RAISE YOUR FIST is OUT NOW WORLDWIDE via Nuclear Blast Records.


For more info on DORO PESCH, click on the links below! Whoa!

facebook: DORO

Doro and Stone - Feb. 9 - 2013




DORO “Raise Your Fist” – Heavy Metal Queen’s New Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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DORO – Releasing on November 6th, via Nuclear Blast, the 12th studio album from the legendary DORO shall be released upon the Heavy Metal masses. Raise Your Fist is the new album and fans of DORO will be guaranteed to raise their fists to what they’ll be listening to… on high volume! The Queen Of Heavy Metal has never wavered in her pride of keeping the tradition of Heavy Metal alive and loud with her albums; Raise Your Fist is no exception!

From Raise Your Fist In The Air to Victory, the Heavy Metal thunder of DORO is unmistakably a listen into a world of Heavy Metal that is both triumphant and so real to us fans; the fans who’ve earned their loyalty to Metal badges decades ago or this very year. It Still Hurts is a ballad with the iconic Lemmy Kilmister and is the one moment on this album that pulls the plug on the psyche-you-out meter. Regardless, I do respect this song and having Doro Pesch and Lemmy sing a duet together is a grand historical Heavy Metal moment to treasure.

Raise Your Fist In The Air is my #1 choice for Metal Odyssey’s Heavy Metal Anthem Of 2012. Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing) is as outstanding of a song from DORO as there can be and legendary axe slinger Gus G. guests with his signature six-string fire power. As for the band, I applaud each and every member of DORO. These guys have proven their Heavy Metal prowess time and again during their respective careers and are exemplary once again on Raise Your Fist.

Engel and Freiheit (Human Rights) are sung by Doro Pesch in her native German and they’re shining Heavy Metal moments on this album; despite my not knowing a word of German myself! The vibes, mood, atmosphere and emotion that resonates from Engel and Freiheit (Human Rights) are more than enough to make this middle-aged Metalhead gleefully content.

Hero is the song that ends Raise Your Fist. Hero is also a song that brings tears to my eyes and softens my Metal heart like there’s no tomorrow. I broke down when I first heard this song and I still kinda do each time it’s played. This is a song that Doro Pesch has written and dedicated to the late and forever great Ronnie James Dio. Hero is brilliant lyrically and musically, I couldn’t be more truthful by stating this.

Doro Pesch is a vocalist and songwriter that has touched the Metal hearts and souls of her countless fans for decades. She is our Heavy Metal Queen. Both Doro Pesch and her band receive a well deserved standing Metal ovation from this fan, for their Heavy Metal creation that’s called Raise Your Fist. Metal be thy name.


Raise Your Fist In The Air

Coldhearted Lover

Rock Till Death

It Still Hurts – featuring Lemmy Kilmister

Take No Prisoner

Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing) – featuring Gus G.


Freiheit (Human Rights)

Little Headbanger (Nackenbrecher)


Free My Heart




Doro Pesch – (ex-Warlock, ex-Beast) Vocals

Johnny Dee (Britny Fox) – Drums

Luca Princiotta (ex-Blaze, ex-The Clairvoyants) – Guitar, Keyboards

Nick Douglas (Blaze Bayley) – Bass

Bas Maas (ex-After Forever, ex-Karma) – Guitars


Album artwork created by British artist and longtime collaborator Geoffrey Gillespie.

For more info on DORO, click on the links below!



DORO – North American Tour Dates Announced For February 2013!

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Metal Queen DORO PESCH will be returning to North America in 2013 to rock the masses in support of her twelfth solo album, Raise Your Fist! The tour is set to commence on February 1st in Tampa, Florida with support provided by Sweden’s Sister Sin. Exclusive pre-sale tickets can be purchased at through October 5; afterwards, tickets will be available through all normal ticketing outlets.

Comments DORO of the long-awaited trek: “I’m so excited to tour North America again! I can’t wait to see all the great fans again and play the new songs off Raise Your Fist and of course all the songs the fans love. It’ll be a set list with the best tunes, hard and fast and lots of anthems and surprises. We’ll have some very special guests at our New York City and Los Angeles shows too and killer support from Sister Sin! I can’t wait to see you guys and wish you all the very best. Until then, raise your fist in the air and all we are will rule the ruins! I love you fuer immer! See you soon.”

Raise Your Fist is due out in the U.S. and Canada on November 6 via Nuclear Blast Records and features guest appearances by Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister as well as  Ozzy/Firewind guitarist Gus G. Elaborated DORO of the release:

“Most important to me are the power hymns ‘Raise Your Fist In The Air’ and ‘Victory.’ Both songs have been played live on our last tour and also made last year’s Wacken Open Air shake! For the diehard fans of German songs like ‘Für Immer’ [‘Forever’], there are two songs in the same vein: the sensitive and quite dark ‘Human Rights’ and the very emotional ‘Engel’ [‘Angel’]. There are also a lot of fast songs like ‘Little Headbanger’ and various fist-pumping ones featuring amazing guests like Gus G on ‘Last Man Standing’ which fans are sure to dig live. We also have a song that honors the late Ronnie James Dio called ‘Hero’ and another highlight called ‘It Still Hurts’ featuring Lemmy. The cover artwork has once again been created by British artist Geoffrey Gillespie who is a close friend and companion since he made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for his Triumph And Agony cover as the biggest album cover in the world. Since then, he’s done ten covers for us!”


DORO – North America Headlining Tour 2013:

2/01/2013 Brass Mug – Tampa, FL

2/02/2013 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

2/03/2013 Empire – West Springfield, VA

2/04/2013 B.B. Kings Blues Club – New York, NY

2/05/2013 Soundstage – Baltimore, MD

2/07/2013 Mod Club – Toronto, ON

2/08/2013 Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY

2/09/2013 Al Rosa Villa – Columbus, OH

2/10/2013 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH

2/12/2013 Blondie’s – Detroit, MI

2/13/2013 Mojoe’s – Joliet, IL

2/14/2013 Station 4 – St. Paul, MN

2/15/2013 Spicoli’s Grill and the Reverb – Waterloo, IA

2/17/2013 Moe’s – Englewood, CO

2/19/2013 El Corazon – Seattle, WA

2/20/2013 Hawthorne Theatre – Portland, OR

2/21/2013 Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA

2/22/2013 House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA

2/23/2013 Rocky Point Cantina – Tempe, AZ

In related news, DORO spent two weeks in Ireland and Switzerland for on-location shoots for the Swiss film “Anuk: The Path of the Warrior,” earlier this month where she returns to play the role of Meha for a second time.

Watch the “Raise Your Fist In The Air” video on the Nuclear Blast Youtube Channel.


For ALL other current DORO news, click on the link below! Whoa!

DORO – ‘Raise Your Fist’ Releasing In North America On November 6th; Track List Revealed! European Tour Kicks Off On November 15th!



(Source: Earsplit PR)

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DORO To Release Best-Of Double Disc Next Month Via AFM Records

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Legendary Queen of Metal, DORO PESCH, will release Under My Skin – A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics in North America via AFM Records next month. Set for release on August 14, 2012, the mammoth career-spanning retrospective — which already entered the German charts at #53 upon its first week of release overseas — includes more than 30 tracks spread across two CDs.

Compiled in close collaboration between AFM and DORO herself, the gorgeous package offers an abundance of DORO staples as well as rare B-side singles and hand-written liner notes. Under My Skin… is also available in a limited wooden fanbox edition (1000 copies; import only) which includes a two-CD digipak, flag, patch, bracelet, a postcard and a certificate of authenticity. For more info, point your browser HERE.


Under My Skin – A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics Track Listing:

CD 1

01. All We Are (Version 2007)

02. You’re My Family

03. I Rule The Ruins

04. Celebrate

05. The Night Of The Warlock

06. Strangers Yesterday

07. Walking With The Angels

08. Metal Tango

09. Thunderspell

10. Herzblut

11. Warrior Soul

12. My Majesty

13. Für Immer

14. Love Me In Black

15. Always Live To Win

16. Running From The Devil

17. Above The Ashes

18. Let Love Rain On Me

CD 2

01. Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version)

02. Rescue Me

03. Rare Diamond (Acoustic Version)

04. Angel In The Dark

05. 1999

06. In Liebe Und Freundschaft

07. I Lay My Head Upon My Sword

08. Tausend Mal gelebt

09. Wildfire

10. Breaking The Law

11. She’s Like Thunder (Version 2005)

12. The Queen

13. You Won My Love

14. Lonely Wolf

In related news, DORO was recently added to the third annual 70000 Tons Of Metal lineup. The original Heavy Metal cruise takes place in January 2013 and features 40 Metal bands and 2,000 fans from all over the world seafaring the Caribbean on a luxury cruise ship for a 5-day/4-night ocean adventure. Sporting the biggest open air stage to sail the open seas, the world’s biggest floating Heavy Metal festival will include: Ensiferum, Lacuna Coil, Nile, In Flames, Immolation and more! For more info, go to THIS LOCATION.

DORO was recently featured in Decibel Magazine’s August 2012 special “Women In Metal” issue. In an interview conducted by J. Bennett, DORO discusses her new Raise Your Fist record, reminisces about quitting her job in 1986 to tour with Judas Priest, what her one-year stint in a hospital years ago taught her, and the nexus of attitude and being dignified. If you missed it, you can still secure your copy HERE.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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DORO – To Guest On Season 10 Of ‘That Metal Show’

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Live Online Chat With Fans Scheduled

Reigning Queen of Metal DORO PESCH will be appearing as a guest on VH1 Classic’s Season 10 of “That Metal Show.”

“It’s awesome that there’s such a great and unique Metal show on television. ‘That Metal Show’ is my favorite show to watch when I’m in America! I’ve known Eddie Trunk for a very long time. He’s a long-time supporter and I love what he does… and he’s always a great interview when I’m in New York. I’m very excited and looking forward to being on the show!”

Hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine, the DORO episode will air Saturday, May 12th at 9 p.m. PACIFIC / 11 p.m. EASTERN. Other guests include Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy of The Cult and Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon. To view the complete schedule of guests lined up for Season 10, click HERE.

DORO will be participating in a live web chat with fans on Tuesday, March 13th at 10:30 a.m. PACIFIC / 1:30 p.m. EASTERN / 18:30 (6:30 p.m.) CET at the Nuclear Blast Streaming Room.


DORO’s mammoth 25 Years In Rock 2 DVD/CD set – which has immortalized her 2,500th live concert – was released last September.

DORO celebrated her 25th anniversary concert in 2008 at the ISS Dome in her hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany. With over 8,500 people in attendance, this magical performance featured her long-time band members Nick Douglas (bass), Joe Taylor (guitar), Johnny Dee (drums) and Oliver Palotai (keyboards, guitar).

Guest appearances were made by Overkill’s Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, Grave Digger’s Chris Boltendahl, former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen, Scorpions’ Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker, Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes), Floor Jansen (After Forever), Axel Rudi Pell and many others. This once-on-a-lifetime concert set was captured in its entirety and includes outtakes from this very special career-affirming evening and is still available at the Nuclear Blast Webshop.

View the 25 Years In Rock DVD video trailer AT THIS LOCATION.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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DORO – Announces New 2012 Tour Dates and Talks New Album and EP!

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German Metal Queen DORO Pesch has announced new tour dates for late 2012! Currently DORO’s also working on a brand new album – the first for Nuclear Blast.

Commented DORO: “Dear fans! Past weekend, I flew over to the US to work on the last couple of songs for my new album. Just some last twists and pulls to be done – after three long years of hard work! But it all paid off in the end. My first album for Nuclear Blast will literally be a BLAST! I am considering having those 12-14 songs being mixed in Scandinavia for the first time. The producers there guarantee a massive, fresh and modern sound. I really can’t wait until my first album for NB will eventually be out in October. To shorten the wait, for as well you as myself, we plan to release an EP around May/June 2012. From November on we’ll rock Europe – in support of the new album from which we’ll definitely will include around 4-5 hymns in our set.”

Rocking greets,


DORO – 2012 Tour Dates:
special guest: tba
15.11.2012 GER Kiel Max
16.11.2012 GER Bremen Aladin
17.11.2012 NED Tilburg O13
18.11.2012 BEL Antwerp Trix
20.11.2012 GBR London Garage
21.11.2012 FRA Paris Divan Du Monde
23.11.2012 ESP Pamplona Totem
24.11.2012 ESP Madrid Arena
25.11.2012 ESP Barcelona Razzmatazz 2
27.11.2012 SWI Pratteln Z7
28.11.2012 GER Stuttgart Longhorn/LKA
30.11.2012 GER Memmingen Kaminwerk
01.12.2012 AUT Wien Scene
02.12.2012 HUN Budapest Club 202
04.12.2012 TCH Prag Retro Music Hall
06.12.2012 GER Bochum Zeche
07.12.2012 GER Karlsruhe Substage
08.12.2012 GER Vacha Vachwerk
09.12.2012 GER Berlin Huxleys Neue Welt


(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

For more info on DORO, click on the links below:



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