INSANITY ALERT – “Glorious Thrash” (Music Video) And “First Diagnosis” Demo Are: Stone’s METAL Picks Of The Day!

INSANITY ALERT – There’s no question that Thrash Metal does have its crossover history and who gives a f**k attitude. Thrash is truly glorious and Austria’s Insanity Alert are well aware of the before mentioned; pledging their Crossover Thrash and Thrash allegiance with both their Glorious Thrash music video and 6 song demo: First Diagnosis.

Blazing fast Crossover Thrash. Underground Thrash Metal. All of this raw, unruly and (thankfully) under produced Thrashing Metal Madness shall blister your Thrashin’ soaked brain, as it absorbs this First Diagnosis demo. Insanity Alert sound like all their beer cans are in a row. These dudes know how to summon some old school garage Thrash, while not trying to reinvent any sacred wheel.

Run To The Pit is song #6 on First Diagnosis and is a cover of (the legendary) Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills. Well, not exactly a lyrical cover. Run To The Pit is an exclamation point on this demo from Insanity Alert and I appreciate its risk factor; after all, there’s many threads of insanity in all of us Crossover Thrash maniacs, both from yesterday and today. As a demo, First Diagnosis kicks some legit underground ass. Metal be thy name.

Listen to and watch the Glorious Thrash video below! Whoa!

You can download the First Diagnosis demo for FREE by clicking this link: http://insanityalert.bandcamp.


FIRST DIAGNOSIS – Track Listing:

Glorious Thrash

Blood Beach

Straight-Jacket Mosh

Braincell Massacre

Crucified By Zombies

Run To The Pit


First Diagnosis was released back on March 21st, 2012.

First Diagnosis was recorded live at Backyard Blastbox, Innsbruck (AT), 11th of March, 2012 and mixed by Christoph Reese.


INSANITY ALERT is a Crossover Thrash Metal band from Innsbruck, Austria. Influenced by the likes of S.O.D., Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., Nuclear Assault and newer bands like Municipal Waste, Toxic   Holocaust and Bones Brigade, the band started rehearsing in early 2011. With a basic line-up consisting of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, the four thrashers from Tirol wasted no time. Fast and short songs were written, relying on killer riffs and aggressive vocals. Lyrics about zombies, insanity, weed/beer and thrashing harder!


Don Melanzani – Drums

Jatsch Ziag O – Bass

Dave Dave Dave – Guitar

Heavy Kevy – Voice


For more info on INSANITY ALERT, click on the links below!



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