CORONATUS – Announce Digital Compilation “Best Of 2007 – 2011”

CORONATUS – Germany’s Gothic/Symphonic Metal treasure known as CORONATUS are going to release a digital compilation just in time for Christmas!

Best Of 2007-2011 will feature the best 16 songs out of all of their albums!


The track list looks like this:

01. Fernes Land

02. Dead Man’s Tale

03. Saint Slayer

04. Traumzeit

05. Wolfstanz

06. Tantalos

07. Kristallklares Wasser

08. Blind

09. Exitus

10. Cast My Spell

11. Mein Herz

12. Beauty In Black

13. Silberlicht

14. Scream Of The Butterfly

15. Ich Atme Zeit

16. Hot & Cold

The compilation will be available for a special price on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Musicload and other digital music stores only!

You can already listen to snippets from CORONATUS’ “Best Of 2007-2011” here:

The compilation is going to be released on December 21, 2012 via Massacre Records.



For more info on CORONATUS, click on the links below!



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