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5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

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SATAN – On June 18th, 2013, NWOBHM legends, SATAN, returned with a new studio album: Life Sentence (Listenable Records). This sensational comeback album from SATAN is their first since 1987’s Suspended Sentence. SATAN has become one of the best comeback stories of 2013 and have solidly proved it to me with ALL ten songs on Life Sentence.

Each time I listen to this new SATAN album, I marvel at the quality of the musicianship, vocals and songs. Life Sentence is a complete SATAN package! Lyrically ominous and invitingly dark is this album; with haunting vibes that seems to cast a hypnotic Metal spell on my brain, which to me, makes SATAN so significant within this pioneering and sacred Metal genre that they helped bolster so many years ago.

SATAN delivers their retrospective Metal sound with authority; a sound that numerous newer bands are trying to recreate today. The NWOBHM was and forever will be an era of profound importance in Metal history; SATAN’s Life Sentence is a magnificent reminder of just that. With history aside, this new album from SATAN unleashes an enormous wave of relevancy; accentuating that their Metal sound is indeed timeless.

Satan - classic logo - red

I can easily label Life Sentence as a guitar-driven album, with guitarists Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins leaving me helpless in numerous momentary lapses of Metal awe. Vocalist Brian Ross sounds excellent, tapping into his melodic and falsetto strengths. Listening to Brian Ross take command of the song is unreal. Graeme English on bass and Sean Taylor on drums are a non-stop force of Metal thunder! Whoa.

Siege Mentality, CenotaphTestimony and the title track are just four out of ten kick-ass songs that I could carry on about for another five hundred or more words. My Metal brethren who’ve already gotten into Life Sentence should surely share in my Metal passion I’ve expressed here. For those others in my Metal family who’ve not yet picked up this new SATAN album… you absolutely must!! Life Sentence is without question, one of the finest Metal albums released in 2013. SATAN reigns once again!

Metal be thy name.

Satan - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #1

LIFE SENTENCE – Track Listing:

Time To Die

Twenty Five Twenty Five


Siege Mentality



Tears Of Blood

Life Sentence

Personal Demons

Another Universe

Satan - classic logo - redBrian Ross – Vocals

Steve Ramsey – Guitar

Russ Tippins – Guitar

Graeme English – Bass

Sean Taylor – Drums


The cover art for the album cover (pictured at top of post) was drawn by famed artist Eliran Kantor (SODOM, TESTAMENT, HATEBREED) –

* For More Info On SATAN:

Facebook: Satan (Band)

listenablerecordslogo - large


Facebook: Listenable records

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  1. Damn you Stone! I need to hear this now… and Witch Cross! I’m never going to have any money at this rate.

    • LOL!!! I’ve been listening to so much Metal non-stop, I have to get the Metal word out!! LOL!!! And I’m still not caught up!!

      I’m with you though… we need money for food and to pay the bills! Then again, after our CD purchases, let’s just make sure enough money is left over for beer, doritos and a concert ticket.

      Keep The Metal Fires Burning, Metal Buddy \m/\m/

      • Haha I was eating doritos while I read that!

        I’d say it’s a great time to be a metal fan but… it’s always a great time to be a metal fan!

        • LOL!! Must be ‘something’ about Doritos and METAL \m/\m/

          I couldn’t agree with you more! 2013 has been an explosive year for METAL. ANY YEAR, month, week, day or hour is a grand time to be a METAL fan! WHOA!! \m/\m/


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