ZOMBIEFICATION “At The Caves Of Eternal” – A Catastrophic Album Of Grisly Death Metal

Zombiefication - At The Caves Of Eternal - promo cover pic!

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

Metal Fists 5 Metal Odyssey

ZOMBIEFICATION – On May 14th of this year, At The Caves Of Eternal, from Mexico’s ZOMBIEFICATION, was released in North America, via Pulverised Records. The first moment I caught news of this new ZOMBIEFICATION album’s imminent release, I was psyched-out to the Metal maximum! I’m even more psyched-out, now that I’ve been listening to this new offering of Death Metal from Mexico’s deadliest Metal band.

Last year’s Death Metal gem from ZOMBIEFICATION was (the) Reaper’s Consecration EP and it landed on the Metal Odyssey Best Of list for 2012 Metal albums. At The Caves Of Eternal is guaranteed a position on this year’s list as well. ZOMBIEFICATION has once again created an album that bestows full-blown, evil, mind melting and groove saturated Death Metal.


ALL 9 songs on At The Caves Of Eternal are on fucking fire with blackened approval from the administrative offices of hell… and I’m not exaggerating, my Metal brethren. ZOMBIEFICATION always seems to set me on the correct path to underground Metal loyalty; for this I’m grateful. ZOMBIEFICATION doesn’t do mathematical bullshit or use smoke and mirrors with their Death Metal; instead, this is Death Metal that reveres the classics of the genre’s past, fused with both extreme and melodic originality that barrels straight into your face with no remorse.

ZOMBIEFICATION already had me convinced they were a Death Metal band to be reckoned with among the entire Metal universe. With At The Caves Of Eternal, ZOMBIEFICATION have illuminated their legendary status, while earning their rightful place as a Death Metal beacon for the Metal underworld. Metal be thy name.

Zombiefication - Large Logo! B&W

At The Caves Of Eternal – Track Listing:

At The Caves Of Eternal

Disembodied Souls

Soul Collector

In The Mist

Passage Of Darkness

In The Gallery Of Laments

The Crypt

In The Shadowed Garden

Slaves Whisper Your Name

Zombiefication - group promo pic - 2013 - #1


Mr. Hitchcock – Vocals

Mr. Jacko – Bass

Live Musicians:

Mr. Kim – Guitars

Mr. Brain – Guitars

Mr. Hammer – Drums



Facebook: Zombiefication



Pulverised Records - Large Logo!! B&W!

Pulverised Records


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