DIESTO “For Water Or Blood” – One HEAVY Album For Your 2013 NEED List!

Diesto - For Water Or Blood - promo cover pic

4.5 Metal Fists Out Of 5!

Metalfistredbckgrndsmall4Metal Odyssey - Metal Fist - Half!

DIESTO – Portland, Oregon is home to DIESTO; a band that’s incredibly heavy, from every musical angle, note and lyric. Every instrument played in this band is played heavy as freaking hell. Stoner, Doom and even CLUTCH fans who’ve not heard DIESTO (yet) will revel in this band’s sound. Aw, hell, any Metal fan will have something to marvel at with DIESTO; this band is that good. DIESTO = Riff Fest.

DIESTO will be seeing their fifth album, For Water Or Blood, release on August 27th, via (the mighty) Eolian Empire. This new DIESTO album is without any Metal doubt in my Metal mind, one you have to put on your need list. I want to feature the very best on Metal Odyssey and give my fellow Metal brethren choices that are (to me) legit and badass. DIESTO fits that Metal criteria very well.

Diestro - Promo Band Pic - James Rexroad - #1 - 2013

Photo Credit: James Rexroad


Mark Bassett – Guitar & Vocals
Chris Dunn – Guitar & Vocals
Devon Christian Shirley – Drums
Rusty Powers – Bass

DIESTO pronounces the old school Doom in their songs (think early Black Sabbath) and makes it all sound so rich and powerful! Don’t be fooled that there is (only) 7 songs on For Water Or Blood, these songs are not quickies. This is an album for the backwoods bonfires, with kegs tapped and beer flowing abundantly, below a smoke-filled night sky. This is an album for the big cities too, DIESTO is a band you want your elitist neighbors to hear you playing LOUD so they don’t think of messing with you.

DIESTO are outstanding Metal musicians in my Metal world; listening to these dudes hammer away on this album is a great way to escape from the shit going on in the world right now. The sandpapered and Herculean vocals of (guitarist) Chris Dunn are simply awesome. For Water Or Blood was just the Metal remedy I needed this past week, to keep my Metal veins pumping and my Metal soul burning bright. Metal be thy name.


FOR WATER OR BLOOD – Track Listing:

Trail To The Sun

Edge Of The World

The Road


Adrift At Sea

Dirty River



* For More Info On DIESTO:

Facebook: Diesto


Eolian Empire - logo - 2013




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