Thunderwar - The Birth Of Thunder - promo cover pic - 2013

Polish Death Metal titans Thunderwar are proud to announce the digital release of their EP The Birth of Thunder. Previously only available on limited edition CD, the EP can now be ordered for $3 from their Bandcamp page here:

Band Bio

Cold as ice, angry as a horde of Viking warriors and determined like an army fighting for freedom of their homeland: THUNDERWAR! The band was born in 2013, when four young Metal maniacs decided to join their forces to not only pay  tribute to such Metal heroes as BATHORY, UNLEASHED, DISSECTION and AMON AMARTH, but to prove that Poland has again something to say to the metal world.

The debut EP “THE BIRTH OF THUNDER” was  mixed and produced by Wieslawscy Bros from HERTZ STUDIO (BEHEMOTH, VADER, DECAPITATED). The band’s logo was designed by Christophe Szpajdel (EMPEROR, MOONSPELL, DESASTER) and the cover artwork of “The Birth of Thunder” EP was done by Mario Lopez.

Currently the band is promoting their self-released EP and in the middle of 2014 will enter the HERTZ STUDIO to work on their first  full album. THUNDERWAR – Better remember this name, as they are here to stay!

Thunderwar - promo band pic - logo - B&W - 2013 - #7

Critical Praise:

“This is just awesome death metal filled with great riffs, pounding drums and fat bass lines” – Metalrecusants 

“Taking cues mainly from Vader, Unleashed, and – what’s this? Yes, a little bit of Rust In Peace Megadeth – this Polish four pack bring van Drunen-barking atop femur-slicing, razor-sharp riffage that recalls speed metal with class” – Worm Gear Zine


(Source: Curtis Dewar)

* For more info on THUNDERWAR:

Facebook: Thunderwar


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