GRAVE ROBBER – Confirmed For Warriors Of Metal Fest VII Pre-Fest Showcase

Grave Robber - promo live photo - 2013 - #6767

January 23, 2014  Cincinnati, Ohio – The Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is very excited to announce that Fort Wayne, Indiana’s premier Horror Punk band GRAVE ROBBER has gladly accepted the unenviable challenge of being the “show closer” and final performer for the Pre-Fest Showcase of the Warriors Of Metal Fest VII, which will take place at O’Shecky’s LIVE Bar & Grill on Thursday, June 26 in Columbus, Ohio.

Vocalist Wretched states:  “We are honored and excited to have been invited by Datis to play the Warriors Of Metal Pre-fest and our second time on the O’Shecky’s stage. As a theatrical horror punk band, we have always had utmost respect for all things metal and have always included touches of metal in our artistic vision of horror. In fact, similar to The Misfits, we have found that quite a large percentage of our fanbase are straight up metalheads who hate punk, but somehow find common ground with Grave Robber and love what we do. We are greatly looking forward to playing way too loud, way too fast, way too aggressive and making some friends and comrades in aggressive musical endeavors. Thank you again, Datis from the bottom of our reanimated, undead hearts. Be afraid, be very afraid!”

Believe the hype with the official music video for GRAVE ROBBER’s “Altered States,” now playing below:

* For more info on GRAVE ROBBER:

Keep up-to-date with all of the developments such as band announcements and ticket information for next year’s show through the Warrior’s of Metal Fest’s Facebook page:

Grave Robber - band logo - 2013 - small


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




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