BLOODBOUND “In The Name Of Metal” – Defends The Metal Faith Triumphantly!

Bloodbound - In The Name Of Metal - promo cover pic - 2012

5 Metal Fists Out Of 5!


BLOODBOUND are a Power Metal band from Bollnäs, Sweden and I’ll guarantee their 2012 album, In The Name Of Metal, will kick your Metal lovin’ ass into the week after next. This insane fabulous album was released via AFM Records. Yup, the album cover artwork tells you immediately, that this Bloodbound album is whiz-bang.

When it comes to guitar driven Power Metal, Bloodbound are an unstoppable force. Unreal. Are Metal anthems what you crave? Bloodbound will have you lighting a torch and marching down main street to city hall at midnight. In The Name Of Metal and Metalheads Unite are two Metal anthems that speaks for our Metal community. Metal victory doesn’t await us, my fellow Metal brethren, the Metal victory is here and heard throughout this Bloodbound album! All the posers that aren’t still getting all this may now leave. Get out.

Bloodbound - band logo - red - white - #112

Lead vocalist Patrik Johansson is a pure talent, with a splendid touch of influence from Metal legends as Kai Hansen, Andi Deris and Bruce Dickinson. There’s even an obvious vocal influence of the legendary Udo Dirkschneider that I hear on Monstermind. I honestly put Patrik Johansson on a high Metal pedestal; for his range and sporadic falsetto are plenty impressive, to me. Bloodbound easily commands me to really feel the outpouring of jubilant Metal that they play so incredibly well, on In The Name Of Metal.

In The Name Of Metal never lets up on its powerful Metal momentum, from beginning to end it’s a Metal thrill! My favorite song is Black Devil, however, this entire album is relentless with its mission of in-your-face Power Metal. Bloodbound are just a complete Metal band and they’ve easily demonstrated to me their out-and-out power! Support Bloodbound, buy this album and thank me in the Metal future. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Bloodbound - promo band pic - 2013 - #56608

IN THE NAME OF METAL – Track Listing:

01 In The Name Of Metal

02 When Demons Collide

03 Bonebreaker

04 Metalheads Unite

05 Sons Of Babylon

06 Mr. Darkness

07 I’m Mr. Evil

08 Monstermind

09 King Of Fallen Grace

10 Black Devil

11 Bounded By Blood

12 Book Of The Dead 2012 (Bonus Track)


* For more info on BLOODBOUND:

Facebook: Bloodbound


AFM Records - new logo - 2013 - #1


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