CIRCLE OF SILENCE “The Rise Of Resistance” – German Power Metal Strikes Again!

Circle Of Silence - The Rise Of Resistance - promo cover pic!

4 Metal Fists Out Of 5!


Looking back on 2013, there were many, many great Metal albums released; Metal albums that should always be hailed here, on Metal Odyssey. One such album is The Rise Of Resistance and the Power Metal brilliance of Heilbronn, Germany’s Circle Of Silence. This is a Power Metal album that MUST be heard, to understand it’s true potent thunder!

Yes, once again, we have album cover artwork that matches the Metal heard within like a Metal glove! Nick on vocals comes across as the ever confident and eloquent Metal frontman, as he exhibits an attitude and grandiose vibe of pure might, with every note. The duo guitar fretwork of Tobias and Chris is a sensation to take in; with the rhythm section of Björn (bass) and Pit (drums) only exemplifies why Circle Of Silence is a Power Metal force to adhere to.

Released via Abstatt, Germany’s Massacre Records, The Rise Of Resistance is just one of many numerous Metal gems that this legendary record label offered in 2013. Any rabid Power Metal and/or True Metal fan’s album collection is amiss without this recent Circle Of Silence offering. Circle Of Silence = Metal. Period. What makes any album memorable are the songs and Circle Of Silence surely has them on The Rise Of Resistance. Metal be thy name. – Stone

The Rise Of Resistance – Track Listing:

01       Blood of Enemies

02.       Eyes of Anarchy

03.       Nothing Shall Remain

04.       One Moment of Hate

05.       An Oncoming Storm

06.       Mind Conspiracy

07.       In the Absence of Your God

08.       We Rise

09.       The Final Chapter

10.       Slaves to the Greed Machine

11.       Reborn from Darkness

12.       The Architect of Immortality

Circle Of Silence - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #1

* For more info on CIRCLE OF SILENCE:

Facebook: Circle Of Silence


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2 Responses to “CIRCLE OF SILENCE “The Rise Of Resistance” – German Power Metal Strikes Again!”

  1. Once again some superb artwork Stone! I think the Power Metal scene in Germany just goes from strength to strength! \m/\m/

    • Right on, Kev! The entire history of the German Power Metal scene reads like a family tree! I can really become absorbed by this genre for days and weeks on end! Plus more younger bands seem to be appearing each year, which is very cool.

      German Power Metal = volumes of Metal history! 🙂 \m/\m/

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