METAL INQUISITOR “Ultima Ratio Regis” – A True Heavy Metal Album You MUST Own!

Metal Inquisitor - Ultima Ratio Regis - promo cover pic - 2014

5 Metal Fists Out Of 5!


The Metal Warriors known across our lands as METAL INQUISITOR have a new studio album releasing this February 21st, via Massacre Records and it explodes with True Heavy Metal glory, speed, riffage, eye-popping guitar solo’s, kick-ass vocals, 10 memorable songs and an undeniable spirit of what Metal is ALL about! Ultima  Ratio Regis is a Metal album you MUST seek out and own! Praise the Metal Gods that Metal Inquisitor exists!

For ALL of you old school Metalheads out there, this is a True Heavy Metal album that you will ALL be telling your fellow Metal brethren to buy and hail! My Metal God almighty, does this band from Koblenz, Germany know how to shred, ignite the Metal senses and profess the True Heavy Metal gospel! Yes, Virginia, the album cover artwork does dictate just how outstanding the Metal you’ll hear within is!

El Rojo on vocals slams it home, while the entire band screams legendary Metal talent, through these 10 songs. I’m NOT blowing Metal wind out of my ass here, Metal Inquisitor have paid their Metal dues and are a True Heavy Metal band that has erupted ALL the Metal goodness that flows within my Metal veins. Ultima Ratio Regis is an album that I cannot recommend any more highly than I’ve already tried. Metal Inquisitor and Old school Metalheads shall know what I mean.

Metal Inquisitor and their new album will have fans of Witch Cross, Satan, Sinister Realm, Manowar, Grim Reaper, Crystal Viper, Iced Earth, (early) Judas Priest and (early) Iron Maiden, salivating at the mouth. I am incredibly psyched-out that the Metal sounds of Metal Inquisitor are in my Metal blood for the rest of my Metal life. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Ultima Ratio Regis – Track Listing:

01. Confession Saves Blood

02. Burn Them All

03. Call The Banners

04. Black Desert Demon

05. Bounded Surface

06. Death On Demand

07. Self Denial

08. Servant Of State

09. The Pale Messengers

10. Second Peace Of Thorn

Metal Inquisitor - promo band pic - B&W - 2014 - #2919


Blumi – Lead Guitar

T.P. – Guitar

El Rojo – Vocals

Havoc – Drums

Cliff Bubenheim – Bass

Metal Inquisitor - band logo - B&W - 2014

* For more info on METAL INQUISITOR:

Facebook: Metal Inquisitor


Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:white


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





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