MASS INFECTION – Return With “For I Am Genocide” April 1st, On Comatose Music

Mass Infection - promo band pic - band logo - #29490 - 2014

Greek death dealers MASS INFECTION prepares to dominate the death metal scene in 2014 with their new, highly anticipated full-length album, For I Am Genocide. This is the follow-up to their 2009 release The Age of Recreation.

MASS INFECTION has crushed skulls with their precision brutality since 2003. They have certainly proven to be a supreme force with their skillful and technical style of catchy Death Metal. MASS INFECTION are strongly influenced by bands like Deeds of Flesh, Hate Eternal and Severe Torture… so you can expect a blistering assault of barbaric insanity!

Album track “Praised By All The Entities” is now streaming below:

Mass Infection - For I Am Genocide - promo album pic - 2014

For I Am Genocide – Track Listing:

1. Praised By All the Entities

2. The Scourge of Living Forms

3. Hierarchy of the Highest Abomination

4. Beholding the Throne

5. Unearthly Legion

6. Maelstrom of Endless Suffering

7. Beyond Perpetuation

8. Nihilism Reigns

9. The Genocide Revealed



* For more info on MASS INFECTION:

Facebook: MASS INFECTION on Facebook


Comatose Music - Large Logo - #2 - 2014

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