BATTLECROSS – Concert Photo Gallery And Review – Oddbody’s Music Room, Dayton, Ohio – May 7th, 2016


Above: Kyle Gunther – vocalist

All photo credits (except for album cover): Stone/Metal Odyssey

Back on May 7th of this year, I went to see the mighty BATTLECROSS at Oddbody’s Music Room in Dayton, Ohio. This venue plays host to many, many national, worldwide and local Metal bands. On this night Metal legends Suffocation and Soulfly were the headliners; with Abnormality and Lody Kong also as opening acts. I went solo to this night of amazing Metal mayhem and I also stayed in the pit for the entire BATTLECROSS set. Yes, I’m crazy at age 50. I did get pushed around pretty damn good too and I stuck it through.

Battlecross - Rise To Power - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #0528MOBC

BATTLECROSS are touring in support of their 3rd killer studio album: Rise To Power.

The next day my body felt like crap from the physical punishment it endured from being in the pit for both BATTLECROSS and Abnormality. I wouldn’t have changed a thing I did and that’s the way Metal is supposed to be if you want to be a human target in the pit. BATTLECROSS played an amazing set of songs and had their packed house of fans going crazy. Lead singer Kyle Gunther commanded the stage, never-ceasing to jump around for a second. Kyle stalked his fans and gave them their monies worth!


Above: Hiran Deraniyagala – guitarist

The entire BATTLECROSS band is extremely talented at their Metal crafts and are a Modern Thrash Metal band to reckon with. I absolutely enjoyed myself smashing and thrashing around to their Metal! I did (luckily) pause at times to take some photos of BATTLECROSS in action, thanks to a few BIG dudes at the front-line that shielded me from the carnage going on in the pit behind us. BATTLECROSS are from Michigan and are not to be missed if you worship in-your-face, high intensity Thrash Metal. Enjoy these photos I took and thank you for visiting. Metal Be Thy Name – Stone


Above: Alex Bent – drummer


Above: Tony Asta – guitarist


Above: Don Slater – bassist


In closing, Kyle Gunther is an animated, funny, very, very cool dude.

L: Kyle Gunther, R: Me, um, Stone







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