SCORPIONS – ‘Big City Nights’ – A Look At A Terrific Greatest Hits CD From 1998

Many years ago, I bought this cool Scorpions CD: Big City Nights (Rebound Records). I remember buying it new and it was pretty cheap; the price was around $5 or so. I believe it was Walmart that had this CD too; sometimes my memory amazes me, despite not remembering what I ate for dinner yesterday. Truth. Here is a one-sentence rant before I continue: Scorpions should be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame!!

Okay, I shall continue onward. I love this band. Every era of Scorpions I love. I was fortunate to see them headline the M3 Rock Festival back in 2010, with my great/best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale. What a fun time. Just about every song on this Big City Nights compilation was performed by the Scorpions at that M3 Rock Festival; at least to the best of my (once again) amazing memory. Chuckle, chuckle. I’ve presented the tracklist for this CD below, no worries.

I have grown extremely tired of Still Loving You and I’m certain I’m not alone. That song never really hit me. No big deal for it’s the only Scorpions song out of their iconic catalog that I just skip over. Rock You Like A Hurricane is teetering on the edge of being tiresome for me. What saves this song for me at this point is the guitar solo. Enough negativity! I do get psyched out of my cranium by Can’t Live Without You, No One Like You, Big City Nights and Rhythm Of Love. All these songs I’ve mentioned in this post are on this CD.

I’m happy I bought this Scorpions CD when I did. I have no plans to get rid of it either. That’s a good thing, due to my selling off of many CDs in recent years. As you look over the tracklist on the back of this CD, you’ll see there are 4 songs that are live versions. The live songs are from the stupendous World Wide Live from 1985, with the exception of Wind Of Change which is from Live Bites (1995).

Granted, this CD compilation is missing many classic Scorpions songs; heck, it’s only one CD and I’m certain it was never meant to be a definitive Scorpions greatest hits package. Thank you for visiting Metal Odyssey, I truly appreciate it. Please stay safe out there, help out one another and… Metal Be Thy Name. – Stone




12 Responses to “SCORPIONS – ‘Big City Nights’ – A Look At A Terrific Greatest Hits CD From 1998”

  1. I was working at the store in ’98 and still never seen this one.

    • Coming from you that must mean it’s rare? You can have it for $400. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

      • LOL let me check with my accountant and I’ll get right back to ya!

        The CD is rare in Canada, at least. I have the songs but never saw that CD in the flesh.

        • I consider you a source for the rarities of these CDs. Many times these type of CDs do sell for a high amount on Amazon by secondary sellers. I should look this one up. It has to be out of print. Heck… it probably sells now for $1.75. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»

          • A collector would be willing to pay more! For me I’m still focused on collecting all their deluxe edition CDs.

            • …and you must be collecting their Japan releases too! I always grab those cheap priced compilation CDs when I saw/see them. They are always handy when I want to listen to a CD of just hits in my wife’s car. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž

            • I do have SOME Japanese Scorpions. But I am missing many and that kills me 😦

              I have Face the Heat and Unbreakable from Japan both with bonus tracks. But Face the Heat in Japan was missing one bonus track, the Elvis cover. Only on the US version.

            • Is that Elvis cover song the β€œhidden track” on Face The Heat”? Man, I have not listened to that CD in a long time. When I first heard that song come on… it was WOW! I did not know it was gonna be on there. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

            • Yeah man! They covered His Latest Flame. They were originally gonna do the song in 1989 but did I Can’t Explain instead. Obviously a good choice since they had a hit with it. When they got Fairbairn to pruduce them in 93, they revisited the Elvis song.

            • I’ll have to listen to it again. Been many years since I listened to that CD in its entirety. The Misfits covered Latest Flame on their Project 1950 album and did a bang-up job on it too. 😎

            • You need to listen. I just bought it on vinyl and it has 4 bonus tracks (or was it 3…anyway) and that was one of the bonus tracks.

  2. Nice one. I have never seen that CD before. That is definitely worth holding on to for sure.

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