Silent Future Recordings Announces New Signing: Swedish Gothic Rock Band De Arma.

De Arma was founded in 2009 by guitarist, vocalist, and bass player Andreas Pettersson. After the 2011 “Towards the Shores of the End” split with British band Fen, they released their debut album – “Lost, Alien & Forlorn” – in February 2013. Due to various life obligations, a long hiatus followed.

Eight years later, De Arma made a sudden return with “Strayed in Shadows”. The second chapter sees the band explore a wide spectrum of music – from gothic metal to synthwave and even pop music. Cold and heartfelt northern melancholia sweeping in from the borderlands between Fields of the Nephilim, Katatonia, and Anathema.

Now, as the band is enjoying some serious momentum in the wake of “Strayed in Shadows”, work on their third album is in full swing. With any luck, it should be ready at some point in 2022. And this is where Silent Future Recordings come in – sealing a collaboration which the band describes as ‘coming home’.

Andreas commented:

While we recorded “Strayed in Shadows” in recent years, the material was written and arranged in its entirety shortly after “Lost, Alien & Forlorn”. Now that we’ve gotten it out of our system, we are looking forward to presenting music which is more representative for the De Arma of today.


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