HELLBORE – Announce New Album “Panopticon”

HELLBORE, the death metal outfit striding both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, have announced their upcoming sophomore album Panopticon. Releasing in March 2022, the new record sees influences from a variety of modern death metal subgenres including technical death metal, progressive death metal, and deathcore.

“This album is a big step for us, and we are really excited for people to hear what we have put together. This has been a difficult couple of years for many people. “Panopticon” takes aim at many of these struggles, and we hope it can provide a degree of catharsis. We hope you enjoy your time listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

More information to follow soon.

Charlie Munro, based in the UK, all guitars, bass, mixing and production
Chris Whitby, based in New York, vocals

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HellboreMetal

Bandcamp https://hellboremetal.bandcamp.com/album/holy-sadist

Source: C Squared Music


3 Responses to “HELLBORE – Announce New Album “Panopticon””

  1. There’s another epic metal album called Panopticon by the brilliant band ISIS. Shame, that name, but definitely not named after the terrorist organization.

    • I used to listen to ISIS years ago! I agree it’s a shame about the name being grabbed up later by that.

      I’ll have to check out that ISIS album and see if I ever did hear it… I know I did not listen to all of their albums back then. I do remember liking the 1 maybe 2 albums I did listen to. I believe I did an album review of theirs years ago too.

      Heck, there’s the Egyptian Goddess Isis that came before all of them too! 🤣😝👍🏻

      I remember growing up in the 70s… there was a Saturday morning kids TV show I watched called Isis aka The Secrets of Isis. I remember never missing an episode! 😝

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