DEATH ON FIRE – Announce New Release “The Dying Light”

Descending deeper into the vast chasm below, DEATH ON FIRE’s upcoming release The Dying Light, landing on the 18th of February 2022, fully embraces the darkness. Drawing inspiration from the established pillars of extreme metal, the melodic and thrash-infused death metal outfit have cast their sights and sound to the far reaches of the horizon.

Marking the first major milestone in the journey to their upcoming album Burial Hymns, the new 7” The Dying Light sees the unleashing of the tracks “Slave” and “The Dying Light” in a vinyl and t-shirt bundle. “Slave” adheres more closely to the traditional thrash style track. Heavily distorted guitars and dense vocals produce an unyielding dark tonality. Intricate guitar leads and motifs, contrasting cleaner tones and changing dynamics bring a distinctive identity to their music. “The Dying Light” delivers strong groove rhythms with a dark twist, seeing demonic vocals rise from the abyss through the heavy instrumentation.

DEATH ON FIRE produces hard-hitting sounds and compelling experimentation while offering a homage to more traditional styles. Unapologetic in their voyage into lesser explored realms, The Dying Light provides a phenomenal prelude for the eagerly awaited Burial Hymns.


Source: C Squared Music


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